Happy American Independence Day! Today I’ll be hosting my weekly Find Your Voice LIVE CHAT at 1pm eastern in the Find Your Voice Chatroom. If you haven’t registered for Find Your Voice 2015 — my FREE six-week storytelling workshop — visit rukristin.com/fyv and sign up today. There is no deadline to join, but we have awesome daily discussions and a great community. We’d love to help you on your storytelling journey.

Here on the blog today I’m going to share with you a project created by Megan Anderson for the Lesson One: What is Storytelling Creative Challenge. I love the way Megan has chosen to document her great stories for this challenge, and how that evolved out the way she has currently been documenting the stories she reads. Visit Lesson One: What is Storytelling (you must be logged in) and check out even more contributor inspiration from week one!

Thanks Megan for sharing this amazing project with us.… Read More


rukristin Find Your VoiceIt’s here! It’s time! My six-week FREE storytelling workshop Find Your Voice 2015 is open and Lesson One is available to download!

Register for FREE at http://rukristin.com/findyourvoice

Over the next six weeks I’ll be sharing my album with you here on the blog and in the Find Your Voice classroom. Lessons are available in the classroom, along with contributor projects, discussion forums, scheduled live chats, and a great support community.

A new lesson is released each Wednesday and includes a downloadable PDF of thought-provoking content, a printable follow-along worksheet, a creative challenge inspiring you to take what you’ve learned and turn it into something tangible, and support from an incredible community of humans from around the world.

Today I’m going to share a little bit about how I put my Find Your Voice album together, and how I’m going to be working on the creative challenges over the next six weeks, including the project I created for this lesson’s creative challenge.… Read More




Find Your Voice starts tomorrow! We have (almost) daily scheduled Find Your Voice re-cap chats throughout the week. Our amazing Community Discussion Leaders will be leading scheduled chats discussing our FYV struggles and FYV successes.

Click Here for a Downloadable Chat Schedule

*All chats are 30 minutes long, except weekly Saturday chat with me (rukristin) from 1pm-2pm Eastern.

Day Time (eastern/UTC) Host
Wednesdays 1:30pm/5:30pm (weeks 2/4/6) Theresa Sondjo
8:30pm/12:30am (th) Meg Woolston
Thursdays 9:00am/1:00pm Christy Strickler
7:00pm/11:00pm (no chat 7/3) Julia Roberts
Fridays 5:00pm/9:00pm (weeks 1/3/5) Caro_frenchy *French/English
Saturdays 1:00-2:00pm/5:00-6:00pm rukristin
Sundays 8:00pm/12:00am (m) Ali Moloney
Mondays 12:30pm/4:30pm Anika
Tuesdays 2:00pm/6:00 (weeks 2/4/6) Desiree Jester
8:00pm/12:00am (w) Diana ArteScrap *Spanish/English


More about our Community Discussion Leaders: 
Theresa for rukristin's Awesome Ladies Creative TeamTheresa Sondjo is a paper crafter, a writer, a cook, a militant feminist, a blogger, a mother, a nerd, a reader, and a love of books and coffee. Her goal in life is to leave the world a better place than she found it.… Read More

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The following is a guest post from Theresa Sondjo on Assembling a Kit from your Stash for the Find Your Voice 2015 Workshop (starting this Wednesday 7/1/2015); you can find Theresa at SubjectVerbObject. I’m a firm believer that scrapbooking needs to be accessible to everyone, and that the goal of scrapbooking is not to purchase and accumulate an endless amount of supplies. Our goal, especially during the Find Your Voice Workshop, is to become the best storytellers we can be, using whatever we have access to and whatever inspires us. 

Find Your Voice DIY Kit

Find Your Voice DIY Kit

When I saw Kristin’s gorgeous Find Your Voice kit, I knew that 1) it wouldn’t suit my purposes (6×9 is not a good size for me) and 2) I could create something similarly striking (oh those colors!) from my stash. After moving internationally last year, I realized that my scrapbooking supplies are just as much a burden as a pleasure, and I am working hard to reduce the consumer footprint that this hobby has on my life.… Read More