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One of the cool features of the free Awesome Ladies Project Community Workshop is the monthly sketch challenge, designed by Allie Trumpower. This month’s sketch includes a sunburst background, so I thought I’d show you how I did mine in case you’ve never done one before!

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 2

We’re going to start with a template you can then use to cut your patterned paper into the correct shape. First, choose a single point. This is where all of your bursts will meet and will serve as the focal point of your page.

Now use a ruler to draw your burst lines, making sure each comes back to your point. I chose to make some of the lines run across the page as a whole, while other lines stop at the point.

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 3

After drawing all of your lines, cut each line to create your template.

Then choose the papers you’d like to cover each burst section.

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 4

Next, trace your template onto your patterned paper. Make sure you are touching the top of the template to the back of the patterned paper when you are tracing so you don’t accidentally end up with a flip flopped burst.

Make sure to cut outside of your lines. It’s better to err on the side of a bigger piece, because you can overlap the papers, but it’s hard to cover up a gap.

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 5

Hooray! Now that you have all of your bust pieces, adhere them to a piece of cardstock. To make sure I line everything up properly, I start by adhering pieces on the corners.

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 6

To get a circle for the middle of your burst, grab a bowl and trace!

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 7

Now add your photo and decorate away! I love the ROYGIV order to my papers and had fun matching embellishments to each color burst.

Sunburst Tutorial | The Nerd Nest for Rukristin 8

I can’t wait to see your sunburts! Make sure to check out the sketch and the other awesome lady takes Awesome Ladies Project Community Workshop. Make your own take on the sketch and be entered to win a prize!

Megan is a crafty nerd who loves documenting life at The Nerd Nest. When she’s not on nerdy adventures, she spends her time filling up pocket scrapbooking albums, reading big stacks of books, and making stuff. She loves documenting her everyday life and sharing daily memory keeping tips on Instagram, creative writing, coffee, sociology, and learning as much as her brain will hold. She believes in the power of stories and wants to inspire you to tell yours. Join her in Pocket Your Year, a year long pocket scrapbooking e-course!



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Thursday3 is a weekly selfie photo challenge, where awesome ladies like you and I share our weekly selfie photograph with the #Thursday3 instagram community. Today’s Thursday3 Interview is with powerful babe SOPH MUNCH

Soph Munch Thursday3 Interview

Soph’s 3 Right-Now Facts

  1. I can’t stop listening to Childish Gambino and Nicki Minaj.
  2. I am dreaming of the Pacific Northwest all the time.
  3. I am so happy about how much growth has taken place in myself and the people around me in the last year. 

Hi Soph! Thanks so much for joining us for this week’s Thursday3!


Tell us a little bit about who you are:

I’m 19 years old, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and living just outside of Los Angeles. I’m pursuing a degree in Sociology and I love every second of that topic. I’m a student full time, but every spare moment I have is spent with the people I adore, creating something, or shakin’ my booty (right now to Drake’s new mix tape). My mind is constantly racing with thinking on certain topics, or new creative ideas, or trips I’m dying to go on. Not much quiet time going on up there.


So what makes you an Awesome Lady?

Being a Powerful Babe is a hard thing. Especially today where there’s massive avenues for comparison constantly thrown at us. But one of the things I live for is authenticity and honesty. Some call me blunt.

I write as often as I can to understand my mind and what I’m currently thinking about. I believe in women more than most things. So I write for them. I believe in self care, even though I’m terrible at it most days. I’ve learned that self care is a very personal thing to practice. For me, its picking up dead flowers I find during the day, it’s taking the time to make a pot of french press coffee well, its putting on my favorite song and believing the words about me, its telling someone that they’re doing a great job and I’m proud of them. Self care is so vital in being a full person for those around you.

Being a Powerful Babe is so vital to my existence because it never was before. I never understood the vitality of being a woman. Once I understood that, I was addicted. We need Powerful Babes because they are a special energy. They are what grounds us. We need their thoughts, creative forces, honesty, their laughs, their beauty, and their tears. We learn from them and we aspire to be them. And we are all them. You are a Powerful Babe. 


Thank you so much for sharing your right now story with us, where we can find you?

I have a personal blog here: that I am really bad at updating consistently because life is just like that, and I have massive commitment issues (too personal? oops.).

I created a project in hopes to liberate women from lies that are fed to us and you can read that here:  I hope you find home in those words. They are true about you. Liberate yourself.

I absolutely love instagram okay????? Sorry. I love it. I just do. I have met some of my best friends through this little app! So fun. You can find me here:

I hope to see you guys on these little platforms! Love you all! xo.

Thursday3 is a weekly selfie photo challenge.

HOW TO PLAY ALONG: Each Thursday share your weekly selfie photograph with the #Thursday3 instagram community.

  1. Snap a photo of yourself.
  2. Add three right-now facts.
  3. Tag 3 friends to play along.

Use the hashtag #Thursday3 to add your photo to the group and tag me @rukristin if you play along, I’d love to see your cute face.

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Stories come in all shapes and sizes. They aren’t necessarily the who, what, where, when and why of a specific event. A story happens when you gather up a bunch of little bits of information and string them together with some sort of narrative. That narrative can be linear (telling a story in chronological order for example) or that narrative can break from that straight path and choose to tell a story in a different way. Some stories are better suited to be told in a non-linear fashion — stories that are more vague, stories that don’t necessarily start or end in a specific time and place.

The story I’m telling in the album below is about me. It’s the story about how I chose to put myself first, and that by choosing to put myself first — I’m not only doing what’s best for me right now, I’m doing what’s best for me in the future and for everyone else around me. I can only serve others if I’ve first taken care of my own needs. It’s not very interesting as a linear story — I didn’t exactly wake up one morning with a lightbulb over my head and come to this realization. It was a story that grew over time, a story that weaved its way into my life, and so I’m choosing to tell it using the theme FIRST (putting myself FIRST).

rukristin Me First minialbum for Basically Bare with Ali Edwards Firsts Story Kit

By starting with the theme, I was able to draw out a few more interesting anecdotes about the story than I would if I were telling it in a straight line from start to finish. It was easier to be introspective with myself. It was easier to include pages with more poetic language. It was easier to be free with the words and thoughts that I was feeling, because I knew it would all tie back together through the theme.

Putting together the album: As luck would have it, the amazing Ali Edwards recent Story Kit featured the theme FIRST. Using the Ali Edwards kit and the Basically Bare Mixed Media Card Set, I put together the following album.

rukristin Me First minialbum for Basically Bare with Ali Edwards Firsts Story Kit

rukristin Me First minialbum for Basically Bare with Ali Edwards Firsts Story Kitrukristin Me First minialbum for Basically Bare with Ali Edwards Firsts Story KitNow, I’ll be honest, this is not the most beautiful mini-album I’ve ever created. I messed up my handwriting in a bunch of places, I didn’t have all the correct photographs, and I feel like there’s probably more that I could have wrote. But, that being said — I LOVE this album. I love the way it makes me feel. I love that I can use scrapbooking as a form of self care. I love I can document my self care. I love that all of this makes me better. It makes me a better person, it makes me a better storyteller, it makes me a better teacher and writer and lover and friend.

Thanks for letting me share this with you today.

See the album in its entirety at the Basically Bare blog


Sketch challenges are coming to rukristin! Each month, in conjunction with the Free Awesome Ladies Project Community Workshop, I will be posting a sketch challenge and prize. The sketches are designed by Allie Trumpower, and interpreted by the Awesome Ladies Creative Team for your inspiration!

Why Sketch Challenges?

Accountability. I need it in my life to keep me on track — I do better when the accountability has an element of fun to it. Very Mary Poppins-esque, I know. This is especially true when it comes to memory-keeping. Sketches take the guesswork out of ‘where things are supposed to go’ and lets me just concentrate on telling the story.

Sketches designed for scrapbook layouts are easily translated into multiple sizes — so it doesn’t matter if the sketch is designed for a 12×12 page — just pick out the parts that work on your 8.5×11 or 6×8 layouts. They’re also great for other papercrafting projects — greeting cards, mini-album pages, pocket page spreads, art journals, and even more awesome outside the box projects. I get super pumped when I see creative takes on sketches.

Sketches are a starting point. They provide a basic roadmap to creating a single page — and sometimes that’s exactly the kick in the ass that I need to get going. I’ve shared the January Sketch and my interpretation below. The rest of the creative team inspiration can be seen in the January Sketch Challenge assignment.

January Sketch Challenge

Use this sketch to create your next scrapbook layout, art journaling page, handmade card, or any other creative project. Designed by Allie Trumpower and inspired by Geralyn Sy, this sketch features a grid-based design and can be easily translated into any size.

rukristin Awesome Ladies Project Sketch by Allie Trumpower
Some words about the sketch from Allie:
This month the sketch plays on my love of grids and circles. And spots for flair. I love flair/badges right now. This is based on a page from Geralyn Sy. I love the circles– you could fill them with patterned paper, photos, flair… I love the look!

Challenge: Upload a photo of your finished sketch project.

Rewards: All participants will receive an exclusive Sketch Badge for their rukristin classes profile, and will be entered to win a $5 gift card to the rukristin shop (good for products and classes).

Deadline: February 26th, 2015 at Midnight EST

 Instructions for Submitting Your Project are in the workshop assignment here

Awesome Ladies Creative Team January Sketch Projects


rukristin awesome ladies project sketch challenge

rukristin Sketch Layout CA

CA: I started by pulling the grid elements from the sketch and corralling them into the corner. I had a bunch of 2×2 photos from our trip on the PCH, and I thought this paper from the January Studio Calico kit was a perfect background.

Supply List: (Studio Calico January 2015 Scrapbook Kit, StazOn Jet Black InkTombow Xtreme High Performance Adhesive, Freckled Fawn Cork Arrow, Misc embellishments from my stash)

Check out the rest of the Creative Team inspiration here!

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