What is Feminism?

What is Feminism? lol. Let’s not pretend like there’s an actual true factual answer to that question. Any worded response could never adequately define what feminism is to the world. Each of us experience structural oppressions differently, and to try to manifest a single truth is not only detrimental to the feminist movement, but to…


My Studio (so far)

So I’ve been in Michigan for just over two months now, and I’m definitely still getting into the swing of things. Every week there seems to be a few fires to put out that pull me away from the routine I’ve been honing for myself. That being said, it definitely gets a little bit easier each day….

falling into a routine rukristin

Falling into a Routine

(haha I made an autumn-themed pun up there, aren’t I just so clever?)   Hi hi, So the hard parts of moving are over, and as we’re moving through September, both J and I have gotten into more of a routine — and our output efficiency is through the roof. But now that I’m actually…

rukristin be brave with your selfies

Be Brave with Your Selfies

Take photos of you. You are beautiful. You are hot. You are a complicated person and a picture can tell a thousand words. Each week I challenge myself to take at least one photograph of myself — I want to capture my right-now story; whatever is going on in my life right now. I jot…

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