Hi from Michigan!

We’ve been here about a month now and we’ve spent pretty much all of our time fixing up the house. I love this house. It’s amazing — which is super important to a homebody introvert like me. It’s just so open and flowy – mid-century, beautiful, and cool in so many ways. We’ve been working…


Around Here: Last Days in NJ

We’ll be on the road to Michigan in less than a week. Our moving boxes are scheduled to arrive on Friday, we’ll fill them up over the weekend, and meet them out there next week. This is stressful. Everyone has opinions. While I appreciate that everyone (mom) is looking out for my best interest, I’ve…


Currently Guest Post: Cindy

Take five minutes to tell your ‘right-now’ story. What are you currently reading, watching, and loving? Write it down! The Story: In late 2012, I was playing around with the idea of a weekly journaling introspective that was super easy to complete. I created a simple journaling card with the prompts already listed. Each week…

rukristin copic neons

Neon Copic Markers. My New Favorite.

Copics. Love these markers. Maybe just a little obsessed. Copic markers are permanent, non-toxic, alcohol-based ink with two tips to cover a wide range of uses; a chisel-style tip at one end and a brush tip at the other.  The Copic website has a great overview on exactly what the markers are and how they work. I first used Copic markers…


Thursday3 Community Post: Megan

Get in front of the camera. Thursday3 is a weekly photo challenge. The rules are simple: Snap a photo of yourself. Write down three things about your right now. Invite a few friends to play along. My favorite way to play is on Instagram, but if you’re not an instagram person, play along however suits you. What started…


Kara Walker Domino: My Experience

This past Sunday I went to the Kara Walker art installation “A Subtlety” at the old Domino Sugar Refinery. The installation is only open this weekend before it closes permanently. The space will then be prepared for destruction. The factory that has stood here for over a century will be torn down in order to…


Documented: My Summer Bucket List

I’m starting to get very anxious about the move to Michigan. Not really about the moving a thousand miles away from everything and everyone I’ve ever called home part — but the actual packing my shit into boxes in a reasonably organized fashion part. One of my coping techniques for freaking out is to make…

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