Freckled Fawn February

rukristin for Freckled Fawn Oh Deer Me Kit February 2016 9x12 Scrapbook Layout

Happy February!

As a member of the Freckled Fawn design team, I get sent their monthly OhDeerMe embellishment kit a few weeks early in order to create fun and inspiring projects that help showcase the innovative and always lovely embellishment (and now planner) kits. This month’s kit, Lovely, is bright and fun, and exactly the antidote needed to a long and dreary winter.

rukristin for Freckled Fawn Oh Deer Me Kit February 2016 9x12 Scrapbook Layout

The Lovely kit is now available in the Freckled Fawn shop. The kit includes various coordinating embellishments perfect for scrapbook pages, pen pal letters, smashbooks, art journals, or whatever type of crafting you’re into. This month’s kit comes in this fabulous geometric-patterned pouch.

My favorite supplies from this month’s kit:

  • Transparency Alphabet (it’s so bright!)
  • Puffy Stickers
  • Cork Speech Bubbles
  • Journaling Stickers

rukristin for Freckled Fawn Oh Deer Me Kit February 2016 9x12 Scrapbook Layout

When I opened up the kit, I was really drawn to the transparency alphabet. It’s bright, it’s a super fun type, and I just wanted to spread them all out and stare for hours.… Read More


The following is a guest post from rukristin Creative Team member Katie. Today Katie is sharing a couple non-lovey themed Valentines Day cards she created for her friends. 

Hey guys, Katie here! Today I’m here sharing these cards.

Katie's DIY Valentines for rukristin

They are Valentines themed, without being overly Valentines-y, if that makes sense. I’m single, but I still really love making Valentines day projects, it could just be because pink is my favorite color, but I always think Valentines can be about all of the things you love, not just romance.

Anyway, I wanted these cards to have a fun, artsy look to them, which meant it was the perfect time to pull out my watercolors and play!

Katie's DIY Valentines for rukristin

I cut down some mixed media paper to the size I wanted. If you’re using watercolors or a bunch of wet media, I highly recommend using watercolor paper or mixed media paper over regular card stock.… Read More


The Last Day of My Twenties


Tomorrow I turn thirty. I’m secretly kind of pumped. I’ve always wanted to be a grown-up, and as we all know, thirty is definitely a grown-up. Being a teenager was fucking horrific, being a twenty-something was definitely better, and right now is the best.

Abstractly, I’m a combination of all things old and new. I’m a combination of every experience I’ve had in the past and every experience I yearn for in the future.

Concretely, I’m sitting on my mid-century thrifted office couch, my chromebook in my lap with a throw wrapped around my shoulders, listening to Carole King’s Tapestry on the record player. Our vinyl collection is slowly growing. I grabbed a few from my parents’ collection when I was home, we picked up a couple over the holidays (both thrifted and new), and I was gifted a few incredible albums (including the aforementioned Tapestry) by J’s mom for my birthday.… Read More


The following is a guest post from amazing Creative Team member Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. Today she is sharing a fun and interactive project to enjoy with her family throughout the cold winter months. 

So the holiday craziness is over. We’ve eaten all the food, played with all the toys, made all the resolutions. So what do we do now? To help cheer us up (especially with the daylight savings change and all the snow being heaped on us), I decided to make a family wish jar. I think this would make a really cool birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving gift for those family members who have a lot of stuff and for whom you never know what to buy.

Here is what you need:

  • Left-over scrap paper
  • A mason jar
  • A pen
  • Scissors

Vanessa's Activity Jar for rukristin

Cut all of your paper into strips. I am using some leftover scrap paper and two pages from the 6×6 paper pad that came with the Find Your Voice kit.… Read More

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