30 Days of Lists | December Edition Giveaway!

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30 Days of Lists (my favorite online journaling challenge) is gearing up for special December Edition!

If you’re new to 30 Days of Lists, here’s a little background info: 30 Days of Lists is a semi-annual challenge run by Amy of Lemon & Raspberry and Kam of Campfire Chic. Amy & Kam believe (and me too) that this challenge ‘is perfect for those of you who don’t feel very creative right now — because a list is easy to make, and we’re firm believers that there is no wrong way to make a list‘. After begging and pleading from the 30 Days of Lists community, Amy and Kam decided to run a special December edition of 30 Days of Lists

join us

List of Reasons to Join: 

  1. It challenges you to write (just a bit) each day for a month.
  2. This is a great challenge to incorporate into your December Daily album.
  3. There are no rules. It’s whatever you want it to be.
  4. I have made some of my best friends through this challenge.
  5. It’s fun to write with no grammatical strings attached.
  6. You can be as creative (or not) as you want to be.
  7. It’s awesome to look back and see your completed lists from previous rounds.
  8. I’m doing it, and I try to do only do cool fun things.
  9. I made an awesome kit to go with the challenge!
  10. The (ever-growing) community is filled with amazing and inspirational people.

Giveaway now closed

I know that a new challenge might not be in everyone’s budget, so that’s why I’m giving away a spot in this awesome challenge!


If you register for 30 Days of Lists AND you win the giveaway, your registration fee will be 100% refunded (December 2013 registration only). 

If you’re still on the fence, make sure to check out the March 2011 list prompts FOR FREE! and if you need more prompts to satisfy your list cravings, check out the previous rounds of 30 Days of Lists — now available as self-paced pdfs.

And if you’re a more visual person, here’s some creative inspiration:

My Listing book from September 2013 (kit available here).


My listing book from March 2013 (more pages here).

Megan used my kit as Project Life inserts for September 2013.


To Enter the Giveaway

Please leave a comment below telling me how you’re planning on documenting your December.


  • Amanda Hall

    I’m doing a DD this year, my 2nd year doing it. Hoping this year goes better-lol! Thanks:)

    • Haha — I just finished mine from last year in October, so you’re totally fine lol.

  • Emily

    I am going to do December Daily this year (it’s my first time) and will probably incorporate it into my December Daily album. I also do Project Life, but I think it would look better in my December Daily album. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway.

    • Yay! Another December Daily. I look forward to putting together my DD book all year, I’d love to see what you make :)

  • Lindsay

    I’m doing December Daily for the first time this year and I’m thinking this might help me! Thanks!

    • Good Luck! It is such a fun project & 30 Lists is a great addition.

  • Gisele Chastain

    I’m doing my regular weekly PL spreads but I love lists and this looks like a fun new way to document! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • PL is such a great way to document everything, and 30 Days of Lists fits right in.

  • Joy N

    I have a smash book I’m using to make my December! Love the way you document your lists!

    • Thanks so much! A smash book is a great way to document December. I have a small one I used a few years back and its still one of my favorites.

  • mirna r

    I think I am going to do my Project Life/December Daily/and #30 lists all in one binder.

    • That sounds awesome! You’ll have a ton of great memories documented by the end of the month. It’ll be such a great book to flip back through.

  • Viji

    I am new to this and would love to win and try it out! Thanks for the chance !

    • You’re so welcome! It’s a great challenge and the community is awesome :)

  • Kate

    I’m doing December Daily with PL and I’d love to add in #30Lists too!

    • Can’t wait to see how you incorporate your DD into your PL!

  • allycat

    I’m hoping to blog the antics of our Elf on the Shelf each day and do a mix between Project Life and Dec Daily with a constant item in there each day of some sort, these lists would be ideal for something thats not necessarily linked to Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway chance :)

    • Love that! I really want to do Elf on a Shelf — but it would mostly be for me and that seems just a bit too silly, even for me.

  • Candy

    Instead of doing a December Daily, I think that doing #30Lists will be easier to keep up with.

    • It is definitely a more manageable project during such a busy season.

  • Caroline Louvet

    I was thinking of a December daily, and incorporating the 30 list challenge would be of a great help!

    • December Daily is my favorite holiday project, I love going back and looking through my albums — I can’t wait to add the lists in. I think this year will be jam packed.

  • S K

    I am writing more a december story this year.

    • That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see :)

      • S K

        See you by debbiehodge ;)

  • Carrie K

    Im not doing anything yet…but the listing appeals the MOST since its the least amount of effort :) :) and i LOVE listing…

  • I plan on documenting my December in a lovely little journal, with lots of visuals! I cannot wait for 30 Days of Lists, and December Daily! Eeee!

  • Molly Scott

    I’m going to be documenting past Christmas celebrations. I have tons of pictures that need a story. Wish me luck!

  • Tamekia

    I’m doing December Daily. This would be great with that. Thanks

  • Rebecca Migliore

    Not quite sure, although this would be the perfect way to do so!

  • Janine van Emden

    I’m going to do the december daily thing. I’ve orderd my supplies yesterday ( I’m hopelessly behind) and plan to have the basic album done by december 1st. And then comes the fun part. Filling it up with all the wodnerfull memories we’re making in December =)

  • Lydia McQueen

    Blogmas and (hopefully) 30 Days of lists too!

  • Kellie Winnell

    I am planning on doing a December Daily and still do my project life. I am thinking of doing a list of things to do for my December Daily and then keeping in with PL as our weekly doings. Something like this would be a HUGE help! Thanks for a chance to WIN. Good luck everyone.

  • Jennilyn Thiboult

    I’m doing a December Daily, but thinking of making it more general instead of just day by day.

  • Karyn Schultz

    I love the idea of “30 days of lists”! I’m documenting my December in a SMASH* book with photos and daily journalling!!

  • Odette

    I am starting a December Daily album and am looking to finishing it this year for the first time ever!! Would LOVE a chance to di the Dec edition of 30 days of lists as I think it will help me journal and include better snapshots of our lives!

  • Wendy

    I have asked myself this a dozen times. For now, I am planning on using a Becky Higgins mini album and incorporating my #30Lists and the cool stuff I learn/create as part of the BPC classes Picture the Holidays and December Duos. If I can’t make that work then it’s on to plan G… LOL!

  • jessicabree

    This will be my first time playing along! I think I will do all the lists in a simple moleskin book I have in my stash. Then I might do done over again for my ongoing quarterly scrapbook.