Holiday Extravaganza: Challenge #5 – Preparing a Holiday Album

holiday album
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Challenge #5

Preparing a Holiday Album

Holiday albums are my favorite. Putting together my December Daily has been a favorite holiday tradition as well as a favorite memory-keeping project.

Over the years I’ve tried out several different ways of documenting my December. I encourage everyone to try out different ways until you figure out what is right for you. There is no right or wrong way to make a holiday album. But I have found that I am about a million times more likely to document my holiday if I prepare an album before-hand.

First, it helps me to get into ‘holiday mode’ by preparing my album in advance. Second, it makes actually documenting the holiday so much less stressful. All the hard thinking is work done, so the only thing left is living and taking pictures. Either jot down a note with the story you want to tell, or use your smartphone to keep all the details until you sit down with your album.

For this challenge: Prepare a holiday album — these albums can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. They can be daily albums, weekly albums, or anything you want them to be.

**If you’ve already started preparing your holiday album, as long as you put a little work into it this weekend, you are free to enter it into the challenge.

Special Prize

One random entry to challenge five will win a copy of Daily Doc Holiday Edition from Document Life Workshop!


My Project

I’ll be adding more pictures here throughout the weekend as I work on my album! 

Challenge Rules

  • Leave a comment in that challenge post with a link to a photo of your completed challenge entry. Feel free to link blog posts, instagram photos, or any way in which you can share your photographed entry.
  • For every challenge you complete, you will receive one entry into the prize pool.
  • Projects must be new and not completed before the start of the party.
  • You may combine challenges, but you will only earn a prize entry for each individual project.
  • Challenge entries will close Monday, December 2nd at 11:59pm EST.


Visit the Holiday Extravaganza Challenge page for full details on all the challenges, including prizes, deadlines, and more.

This challenge is sponsored by the Daily Doc Holiday Edition.


The holidays are rich with tradition, magic, and memories in the making. However, they are also the busiest time of the year for some of us, so it can be difficult to capture that magic. Don’t miss out on documenting the special holiday season during the hustle and bustle! Document the everyday, every day during the holiday season with Daily Doc Holiday Edition from Document Life Workshop! This self paced workshop has 40 photo and journaling prompts aimed to help you meaningfully capture your holiday. To keep up with challenges and workshops from DLW, like them on Facebook.


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  • Wendy

    Thanks for the swift kick in the pants to get moving. Sometimes the first step is the hardest and I cranked out the project in 90 minutes!

    • Yes! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration!

  • Janine van Emden

    I just put my december daily album together last night. The base is done. So bring it on December!

    • That looks fantastic, those supplies are super cute! Can’t wait to see how you use it throughout the year.

  • Jeanne

    I created the title page for my December #30 lists Album.

    • Yay! Love that your playing along with 30 Lists too! It’ll be such a great way to document the season.

  • I’ve been going back and forth about my December Daily album cover, but tonight it finally came together, and I LOVE it.

    • I LOVE IT TOO!!!

    • Hey Stephanie! You’re the winner of the Document Life Workshop’s Daily Doc: Holiday Edition ebook.
      please email with your name, email address, and the prize that you’ve won.

  • nitasha g

    Being the Last Minute Lilly that I am…..I started working on my DD for the first time last night! :O I just have the hardest time deciding what I want to use I was going to do an OA styled one, but then I watched Heidi Swapp’s video again, and decided to go with that… Thanks for the challenge because that was the kick in the pants I needed to get started!

    • Nitasha G

      Hmm…my pics not showing up…but it’s here on Instagram

      • Hey Nitasha, it’s not showing up for me — is your account set to private? I’ve had that happen a couple of times.

  • irishgal99

    Here is the title page from my December Daily album: For some reason, the title page is always the hardest part for me.

    • I totally get that! I was super lucky this year and had immediate inspiration for my title page — otherwise I would have been stuck on it for days.