Holiday Extravaganza: Game #1 – Get to Know You

Welcome to the rukristin papercrafts inaugural Holiday Extravaganza Blog Party.
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Game #1

Get to Know You

My favorite part about hosting blog parties and blogging in general is meeting lots of awesome people. The internet is a magical place where you can find other people who are into the same weird stuff as you.

For our first game of the weekend I want to get to know you!

Answer the following questions and leave a link in the comments (or write them out in the comments) with your answers!

  1. What is your spirit animal? 
  2. Name a lifetime goal of yours.
  3. What would your bio-pic be titled, and who would be the lead actress?
  4. If you could go any place in the world right now, where and why? 
  5. Describe yourself in three words. Try not to define yourself in relation to others. 
My answers:
  1. A Cat. Definitely a cat. 
  2. I want to visit all 50 states. I want to do the Sunday NY Times crossword in pen.
  3. Cat. The Cat Person. — I think it would be animated…it would be a fuzzy black cat, and she would tell the stories of my life…but as a cat.
  4. Anywhere warm. Where other people will cook for me and I can just read and write.
  5. Person. Lady-awesome. Empath.


Leave your answers in the comments (or a link to your answers). A winner will be chosen at random for a new set of rukristin Days of the Week Flair 



Play along using hashtag #holidayextravaganza.

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  • Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

    Here we go:
    1. A unicorn
    2. To have an exhibit that show my work
    3. ‘just close your eyes and jump in!’ and I would love it if Drew Barrymore played me :)
    4. Tokyo, because I just returned from there and there is just so much more to see and taste!
    5. Dreamer, sensitive, patient
    Super fun!!!

    • I would Love to go to Tokyo one day. I am fascinated by metropolises, and growing up right next to NYC I would love to see another giant city.

    • Congrats Vanessa, you’re the Game #1 Winner! —
      please email with your name, email address, mailing address and the game/prize that you’ve won.

  • Amanda Hall

    1. A cat, but a big one say a LIONESS:)
    2. To have my poetry journals published, just as they are w/ stickers, doodles, flaws & mistake:)
    3. Stories, Lies, Alligations & the Things Left Unsaid! Claire Danes:)
    4. Ireland, b/c that’s where my lineage starts & have you seen the photo’s of their land? BEAUTIFUL:)
    5. Daydreamer, woman, thinker!!!

  • I love questions like these! So here we go:
    1. A phoenix.
    2. Start a family
    3. The only way was up – and I have a girl crush on Anne Hathaway, so…
    4. On Tiwi beach, Kenya with my boy. We had the best of times there, and we could use some time together to relax and talk over some big decisions we’re about to make.
    5. Creative, awesome, weird :)

    • Ooh! I love your answers!! Seriously. They’re all so great!

  • Wendy

    1. A dog
    2. To take a mega road trip with my hubs and daughter
    3. It’s OK To Learn New Things, starring Sandra Bullock
    4. Some deserted tropical island with an amazingly comfortable bed, a waiter, a stocked library and not much else. Comfort, solitude for a few days, and tropical drinks on demand.
    5. Strong, funny, lazy (keeping it real today LOL)

    • The tropics sound so perfect right now. I am right there.

  • Janine van Emden

    1. a rat
    2. do a year of project life and finish it.
    3. Kitty. maybe Keira Nightly??
    4. A white sany beach, a clear turquoise sea, blue skye, palm-trees, a hammock , good book and a cocktail in my hand..
    5. Warm, cuddly, good listener

    • Woo! Finish a year of Project Life — add that to my list lol.

  • Cricket Rawlins

    1. A Red-Tailed Hawk
    2. To own my own business
    3. You are stronger than you think with Diane Keaton
    4. Right now, today, I’d go to New York City! I’ve been twice and it’s my favorite city but I’ve never been at the holidays and have always wanted to see the city all decorated!
    5. Sensitive, loyal, dreamer

    • Cricket — you must do NYC at the holiday time. I think you would LOVE it. seriously.

  • Elaine

    Elaine Perez
    1. My son says an owl because I read and “am very wise” ~that’s funny! I was thinking more like a whale or a bird, to be free.
    2. Creating in a studio in the middle of nature (beach, lake, woods) and not worry about money
    3. She never forgot a birthday with Sandra Bullock chronicling my life through people I’ve met by their birthdays like this Jan. 2 Amy, Jan. 3 Sara Jan. 4 MIke, Jan. 5 Meily, Jan. 11 love etc…
    4. The Spa at the Four Seasons (NY) for a well deserved post thanksgiving massage and be present for the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center.
    5. Creative, principled, loving

    • I love the tree at Rockefeller’s Center. It’s one of my favorite places to visit each year.

  • Amy Teegan Schubert

    1. I don’t really know about a spirit animal. Can I choose ‘book’?

    2. I have 400 million lifetime goals. ex: having a book published, attending a language school in Mexico, and recording an album

    3. Don’t know re: title, but it will be a musical starring Amy Adams.

    4. Washington DC. Because I ALWAYS want to go to Washington DC

    5. Ambitious, capable, content

    • You can definitely choose book. And I’ve been wanting to go back to Washington DC a lot lately, but definitely in the warmer weather. Although last time we were there it was the end of September and we still got stuck with a 95 degree day.

      • Linda Jordan

        I used to live there in the summer, and you don’t want to be there in the heat. Icky sticky!!

    • I also really like that you have both ambitious and content. Such a hard balance, but totally you. I like it.

  • Diana Albright

    I’m starting late, but here goes:
    1. Spirit animal: honeybadger… because honeybadger don’t care. ;)

    2. Lifetime goal: I have at least two – 1) to start a non-profit organization to assist juvenile offenders re-enter society as they are released from custody; 2) to see a baseball game in every major league ballpark in the US

    3. Bio-pic: Standing in the Rain – It would have to be either Sara Ramirez or Drew Barrymore

    4. Where to be right now: Guam, to spend holidays with my fam AND because it is nice & warm there (and to introduce Hubby & daughter, who have never been there)

    5. Three words: ironical, imaginative, intellectual

    • Two seriously amazing goals. also. love Sara Ramirez.

  • Kellie Winnell

    Oh now this is fun and I have loved reading the answers below as well!
    Lion, I think my hair really says it all at the same time, lol!
    Make something of myself.
    Ginger Problems, starring Emma Stone
    New Zealand, once again, I know I’m boring. I have just always wanted to go, it looks amazing.
    Creative, Loving, Weird

    • Ginger Problems!! Love it.

  • feedthebirdies

    Ahhhh….ok. Here goes.
    A cat for sure.
    To live for a year in New York City, just to say I did it.
    Birdie. A pin-up, crafty Betty Crocker, June Cleaver kind of girl.
    Back to Disneyland. And teach for them.
    Quirky, weird, crafty.
    :) This was fun.

    • Oooh! it should be Broadway sensation Megan Hilty!

  • 1. Jennifer Lawrence:
    2. Publish a book
    3. The Quiet Takeover and, again, Jennifer Lawrence.
    4. Cheating: France and India. Because food. The best thing on the planet would be a food tour through both countries, right?!? Also, if a few chefs could teach me tricks, that would be even better. And museums. So many museums.
    5. creative / logical / solicitous

    • I’m with you on France. I’m not sure I could do India — My lips swell if I eat spicy food for too long.

  • Emily

    1. A dolphin…they just seem so peaceful.

    2. I want to visit Dominican Republic.

    3. The Life and Times of Emily starring Ashley Rickards??

    4. New York City…I miss my hometown. And Dominican Republic because I want to meet my family members who I have not met in person yet.

    5. Determined, realist, dreamer

  • Jenny McGee

    1. Cat, 2. To move somewhere fun and exotic. 3. It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night lead actress Meryl Streep.
    4. Disney World to show my kids this magical place. 5. Crafty, Loving, Fun
    Fun questions. Thanks.

    • I want to go to Disney World too! Jeff and I have been talking about it, hopefully we’ll get there soon.

  • Linda Jordan

    1. Probably a cat. I’m extremely curious, I’m very picky about people, and I love laying in the sun.
    2. To be a judge.
    3. I really have no answer to this question :/
    4. Russia, and travel on the trans-siberian railroad. This is a dream of my bf + mine, but idk when we’ll have time/money to do it.
    5. Passionate. Creative. Lawyer.

    • Russia + Railroads does sound like a time consuming trip — but super awesome nonetheless.

  • Katie

    What is your spirit animal? A cat
    Name a lifetime goal of yours: to travel to England
    What would your bio-pic be titled, and who would be the lead actress? Coming to America & Lucy Lu
    If you could go any place in the world right now, where and why? London, I’m a huge British history fan and there is so much history there!
    Describe yourself in three words. Try not to define yourself in relation to others. Nuturing, creative, organized

    • I want to go to London too!!

  • What is your spirit animal? hard choice- I’m going to say an Elephant.
    Name a lifetime goal of yours. To visit Alaska.
    What would your bio-pic be titled, and who would be the lead actress? “Katie- The girl of many talents”
    If you could go any place in the world right now, where and why? Alaska, because it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little to visit and see the northern lights.
    Describe yourself in three words. Try not to define yourself in relation to others. creative, introverted, nerd

    • The Northern Lights!!! Yes. that would be so epic.

  • Kate

    I want to visit (or live) in England.
    Still Moving. No clue who should play me though.
    Scotland cause I’d love to spend the holidays in a castle.
    Writer. Survivor. Scattered.

  • Daisha Vaughn


    To travel to as man countries as possible.

    The Crafty Teacher Mom, I’m not sure who would play me.

    France- the Loire Valley specifically. It is the first country/place I want to visit.

    Crafty, Emphatic, Motherly

    • I’m dying to go to France! great choice.

  • Angela Spangela

    What is your spirit animal? Unicorn
    Name a lifetime goal of yours. Super corny, to be a mom.
    What would your bio-pic be titled, and who would be the lead actress? A League of Her Own; Emma Stone
    If you could go any place in the world right now, where and why? Somewhere warm, like Hawaii. I’m not a fan of the cold winter months!
    Describe yourself in three words. Try not to define yourself in relation to others. Loud. Confident. Hilarious.

    • Love these. Especially your spirit animal & lifetime goal. <3 Also, I'm hating the cold right now.