Holiday Extravaganza: Loving Your Craft

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A big thank you to Diana of Shop Ladylike for her guest post!


Have you ever wanted to ask fellow artisans how they got started in their craft?  Being a curious kind of gal, I love to hear their stories.  Through their tales, it can be awe-inspiring to take those first steps toward your new passion.   I know a professional artist, photographer, knitter, author and I’m amazed at their talents.  I personally know a few developed their gifts from youth while some fell into it by accident.  One day they were gifted a camera and their love for photography became all consuming.  Others become accidental artisans who are fortunate enough to find their gift and pursue it.  In the same vein, from childhood I’ve always had a thirst to learn or try something new.  I can actually say that I’ve even been a little bit of a daredevil. Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something!  That’s when I’ll surprise you.   One little question started me down a path I never would have anticipated.

While talking to my cousin one day, she asked the big question.  “Have you been knitting?”  She had to be kidding.  I hadn’t picked up needles since I was in college.  With a little encouragement from her, I bought some needles and went about trying to learn how to knit and purl again.  BUT first I had to remember how to cast on.  All thumbs and pinkies, I was a tad disappointed by the sight of my first few rows. This just wouldn’t do.  Not one to give up easily and with her over the phone tutorials, she retaught me how to knit!  Together with YouTube videos and printing off lots of easy patterns, I got my knitting mojo going at a steady pace and I never looked back, only forward.


I have a love for the art of sliding those needles and yarn from one side to the other.  I’ve enjoyed making my first pair of socks, baby sweaters for all of my great nephews and niece and fashion items for women.   This love of fiber arts brought about my daughter Kristy and I opening our shopladylike offering both knitted and crocheted items.  Over the years, I’ve designed and created unique headbands for ladies and children.  Who would have guessed that I could actually take yarn, needles and hooks in hand and feel confident to make a pattern specific for our shop and customers would want to purchase them?

New Mini Ski Headband in Grey

Do you have doubts that’s stopping you from attempting that new project idea?  Do you buy all the necessary items and then put them in a drawer?  Take them out and surprise yourself.  Believe and you’ll amaze yourself!  If I didn’t have that little push to retry an old craft,  I may not have found my perfect niche to share my items with family, friends and actually open our Etsy Shop.

From my blog you can find Shopladylike links to my Facebook Fan page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  I’d love for you to link up with me and share your craft story or what inspires you.


Shop Ladylike is generously giving away one of her amazing knitted headbands to one lucky reader.

Please leave a comment below telling us how you got started on your crafty journey.

Ski or Snowboarding Headband in Cream Soft Wheat

Handmade Ski and Snowboarding Headband crocheted in a creamy soft wheat color with a beautiful flower to make you look stylish on the slopes. This cozy and pretty soft acrylic headband has a two button closure for size adjustment. 

PS — This headband is on my Christmas list (-Kristin)


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  • Ellen Hatfield

    My grandma attempted to teach me to knit a couple times when I was younger (early teenage years). It didn’t really stick. It wasn’t until the middle of grad school that I picked it up again as I was looking for a craft I could do to relax while watching tv. Now, I love knitting & crocheting and love seeing projects come together.

    • Diana Foree

      I always have to keep my hands busy with crochet hooks, knitting needles or fabric. It’s relaxing watching TV like you mentioned. :-)

  • Wendy

    I believe that if you are documenting your life, you pay more attention to your life and make decisions that create a better life for your family. My mom scrap booked (Creative Memories!) and the general concept just stuck.

    • Diana Foree

      You’re right about documenting your life. I see my knit and crochet as a type of documenting my life…from grandma’s lessons to how far I’ve come. :-)

  • My Mom crafted with me when my sister and I were little and I just went from kid crafts into scrapbooking as I grew up. Now I do all sorts of artsy things. :)

    • Diana Foree

      It’s fun to do many different crafts. I think it stimulates creativity. Enjoy it all! :-)

  • Katie

    My husband and I returned from our honeymoon with hundreds of pictures and no idea what to do with them. A co- worker introduced me to scrapbooking and I have been obessed ever since.

    • Diana Foree

      I love to see what happens with scrapbooking. Tried it once but not my favorite. But love others who do it! :-)

  • Janine van Emden

    I’ve alwasy been into crafts. drawing, photoraphing, scrapbooking… I recently started crocheting. I’ve alwasy wanted to learn but it just wouldn’t stick. despite my moms help, hundreds of youtube tutorials… But then I was at a scrapbook fair of all places. they where collecting granny squares for charity. and they offerd to teach me. And so a 12 year old finally tought me to crochet!

    • Diana Foree

      I love crafting…crochet, knit and sewing. The sew part always gets pushed to the back burner during the holidays. Hope January comes soon. :-)

  • Tomorrows Friend at Elmers

    I think maybe Dianna Foree got me started, we’ve known each other that long haven’t we? Seems like it but….I owe my craftishness to generations of handme down artists, crafters, and things made by hand with pride and given with love….

    • Diana Foree

      Thanks Tanya! :-)

    • Congrats Tanya! You’re the winner of the Shop Ladylike giveaway.
      please email with your name, email address, mailing address and the game/prize that you’ve won.