100+ Essential December Daily Resources

100+ December Daily Resources

100+ December Daily Resources

Documenting December.

Do you ever sit down ready to work on your December album, but all of a sudden you totally blank? Like all your creativity is in another universe entirely? That happens to me constantly, so I’m always looking for new ways to get un-stuck. So here’s a (mostly) comprehensive list of my favorite December documenting inspiration.


I’ve divided these resources up into 6 categories:

  • December Daily/Ali Edwards
  • Setting Up & Getting Ready
  • Workshops/Photography
  • Printables/Cut Files
  • Fun Techniques & Cool Albums
  • 2013 bloggers


December Daily/Ali Edwards


Setting Up & Getting Ready




Printables/Cut Files


Fun Techniques & Cool Albums


2013 bloggers


**Every effort has been made to link to the original source; however some of these do link to Pinterest because the pin did not link to a specific post with that content. This way you see the content, and the source itself.

Leave Your Links Below

Leave your December documenting resources in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list.  

Pin or bookmark this page.  I’ll be updating this list periodically to reflect any changes or additions.
  • sm_bradford

    Thank you for linking to my photo ideas checklist! I’ve also got a December Daily inspiration page with a round-up of all my DD posts over the last 3 years if anyone is interested. http://scrapinspired.com/december-daily/

    • Love it! I’ve added it to the list above :) Thank you so much for all the inspiration.

  • Amy Teegan Schubert

    Thanks for the link! I am loving the new DD format I’m using this year

  • Aimee Dow

    Ohh you are such a sweet heart! Thanks heaps for including my Polly blog post AND my blog. Regardless of my inclusions this is an amazing list. There is a lot here I handn’t come across. I know what I’m doing this evening ;)

  • Jennie McGarvey

    Thanks for including my album! I’m having so much fun with it this year! :)

  • Not sure if you’d like to add these to the list, but I created a card set (http://bit.ly/ISasFA) and a mini kit counterpart (http://bit.ly/1cyBpFI) with the aim of DD or any Christmas holiday-esque documenting. :)

  • Courtney

    Just wantes to say this is amazing. Thanks so much :)

  • This is such a great roundup!

  • Iv ScrapDesigner

    is an amazing list!.This is my first time with a December Daily and all this information will be very useful to me … thank you very much! Merry Christmas! Greetings from Mexico

  • Melissa Smith

    Oh, wow! Thank you for this! I am doing two December Dailys in two different formats, one a handmade book that’s fun and unusual, then another that is 3 x 3, some 2 x 2 and PL sleeves combined into a fun overview DD. http://www.thesmithgirlsspot.blogspot.com

  • Veronica Jennings

    thank you for linking to my post, now I now to start creating! :) xo

  • Latarnia Morska

    Thanks for the list :)
    If you’d like to include my DD albums from 3 years, I posted them on my blog:

  • Wendy Beckemeyer

    This is great! I’d suggest adding Cathy Zielske. She is a PL and DD. Her stuff is really great! http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/my_weblog/

  • Annette Haring

    Thanks Kristin for including me in the list! Awesome list–thanks for doing this!

  • Sula

    Hey there! I love the inspiration you put together here and had to share it on my blog. I’m a digital scrapbooker who loves to do hybrid projects and have done both, digital and paper DD albums in the past. Maybe you could add a digital DD section above as well. But even if not, I have a number of DD related posts of which some might still be useful to your readers here: http://mistyhilltops.com/tag/december-daily/

  • mandy- sea

    Thanks so much for adding ‘Let’s December Daily’ – it IS a collaborative site with many many ideas and inspiration – its all about the sharing!!! Come on over!