December Daily Update: Week Two

december daily rukristin week 2-1


The Second Week.

December Daily is a daily album project created by Ali Edwards, documenting the twenty-five days before Christmas.

Two weeks down (almost). This week FLEW by — it was like I blinked, and all of a sudden it was Friday. Where did the week go? As the week was super busy, I was really glad that I had prepped all of my foundation pages beforehand. It made putting together this week’s spreads super simple. If you’d like to check out previous December Daily 2013 December Daily pages, they can be seen here.

As I’m writing this, I’m a couple days ‘behind’ and I plan on catching up over the weekend. I’ve found that as long as I identify the story that I want to tell for the day, I’m totally okay with waiting a few days to put the actual paper spread together. I really do enjoy working on it a couple days at a time as opposed to every single day. Throw on an episode of Scandal or Once Upon a Time and I’ll get 2-3 pages done in an hour.

Pages & detail shots

december daily rukristin week 2-1

I’m loving how 30 Days of Lists is helping me to keep a solid focus throughout this album. Sound of Music Live! It was the most holiday-oriented thing that has happened so far this month. Also probably the only time where it’s appropriate to see any type of Nazi paraphernalia.

december daily rukristin week 2-4

We’ve been doing a lot of holiday cooking — baked goods, comfort food, etc. I’m enjoying documenting our food stories a whole bunch. For next year, I’m planning on creating a food album for 2014 where I can document our favorite meals throughout the year.

I’m not stressing out over the ‘boring’ days. I think if I had a larger printer I would print out some fun holiday quotes or full page photos — I’d like to break up the pocket pages a little bit more. Maybe I’ll work on that next week — pick out a few favorite photos and get 5×7 or 6×8 photos printed from Persnickety.

december daily rukristin week 2-7

I didn’t have a photo for Day 9, but I knew I wanted my story to be about appreciating J and everything he has done for me these past few weeks. I used one of my older favorite photos and really simple embellishing. While it might not seem like much on the outside, it tells the story that I want it to tell — and that’s really the only thing that matters.

PS — that top card is a letterpress notecard that I picked up at Gus & Ruby Letterpress when I was in New Hampshire this summer. Going forward I want to make it a priority to put more cool indie artsy things in my albums.

Materials Used:

Basic Grey Capture AlbumCapture PocketsAttach Me StickersDays of the Week notepad insertPage Protectors, Studio Calico Handbook Page Protectors#30Lists KitKelly Purkey December Kit, rukristin Days Flair & Months Flair, Studio Calico November scrapbook kit, Hambly Screen Prints transparencies, OhDeerMe December Kit

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my December Daily album. I’ll be updating the progress of this project throughout the month both here and on instagram!

How is your December documenting coming along?

  • Kellie

    Your pages absolutey ROCK, love them!

  • Laura

    OMG Thank you!!! I’ve been freaking out a bit since I’ve taken very few photos so far this month (crazy busy final exam time at work, not to mention 4 family birthday parties and, oh yeah, Christmas!) and I’ve been worried about how to make the album work. I love that you used an “older favorite picture” Awesome! Now one more question: I’m doing 30 lists, too, and I started with the intent to include them in my DD, but I’m wondering how those will all fit into the album since the album was intended to be a family album, while the lists are sometimes very decidedly me. Thoughts?

    • What is your DD Format? you could slip the lists behind photos, or in between pages. Or you could make a tiny little mini album or an envelope of your lists — and add that to the back cover of your DD album? Or you could just go whole hog and make a totally separate mini-album :)

      • Laura

        I’m doing a snap album, like yours, I think. Probably four 3×4 pockets for each day, but an extra page if I have lots. I could hide them, but I’m wondering if it’s worth doing if they’re hidden, you know?

        • I’m so bad at taking pictures lately. The light/weather/mood has been so icky that nothing seems festive or happy enough to photograph.

          As for your 30 days, What about pockets with all your lists at the end of the album. I definitely think if you want them in the album, you should show them off. Or putting extra page protectors throughout the album and doing like lists 1-4 and 5-8 in the middle of those pages of the album. and then 9-13 and 14-17 and so on and so forth. I think that it would still feel like a family album, it would just highlight your place as narrator a bit more.

          • Laura

            OMG, K! You are so awesome! I’ll see if I can work this out. Still crazy busy with finals at work, but starting on Friday I’m busting through this DD, so I’ll see if that will work. Thank you!!

  • Aimee Dow

    Wow it all looks so amazing. You are absolutely rocking the BG protectors. I’ve stuggled a bit because they arn’t standard size. Hat’s off to you Kristin – A job well done.

    • Thank you so much Aimee — Those BG page protectors are HARD at first. I worked on an album throughout the year with them, and it was only until this December that I got really comfortable with them. Ann-Marie Morris over on the BG blog does a great job with them, and after seeing her work all year, I felt a lot better about what I was trying to do.