How To: Two 3×4 pictures on a 4×6 print

print 3x4 photo 4x6 print using picframe app

print 3x4 photo 4x6 print using picframe app

While I was working on finishing up my Project Life spreads for 2013, many of you asked how I was printing out my 3×4 photographs.

rukristin project life 2013-7

When I’m printing at home (as opposed to getting prints from Persnickety) I use my Canon Selphy cp900 and create a photo collage with the iPhone app PicFrame. I’ve talked before about how much I love this little printer, and how the ability to print directly from my iPhone to an at-home printer totally changed how I took on projects like Project Life and December Daily.

Creating the Collage Step-by-Step

  1. Open the PicFrame app
  2. Select 3:2 ratio in the top right corner
  3. Select the second box (the square with the vertical split)
  4. Pick out your two photos
  5. Save the collage to your camera roll
  6. Print as desired (at home or sent out)


(see photo above for a visual aid on picking the right ratio & collage) 

If you’re printing at home to your Canon Selphy printer, you can open up the app and your photo will be ready to go. If you’re sending your photos out to be printed, it’ll print perfectly as a 4×6 print. This is a great trick for when your favorite online printers are having a big sale on 4×6 prints, but you really need 3×4 photos!

PS — as long as you keep the aspect ratio at 3:2, you can choose any of the collages and they’ll print on a horizontal 4×6. Play around with fun combinations. One of my other favorites is 6 — 2×2 square photos (which looks like 6 little vertical rectangles on the selection screen).

If you have any questions at all, leave them in the comments.
  • kelly

    thanks so much! i’ve been trying this and just wrecking paper. youre the best!

  • Ashley Calder

    Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! I have PicFrame and have used it, but didn’t know about changing the aspect ratio! So I was able to print multiple square photos from my iPhone with my Selphy! Yay!

    • sam

      Quick question do you keep the same ratio even if you add more photos to the frame e.g 4 per sheet??

  • Tracy

    Okay this is a game changer for me! Seriously – thanks so much. Also, I can’t see a 2 x 2 on my screen? the most i show is 4 vertical not 6? Maybe it’s because I’m on Android but suspect it’s because i’m missing something!

  • AGH

    Wonderful advice, thank you. But do you use “Bordered” or “Borderless” setting. I have tried both. I think it’s Borderless to get the full photo? I too, have wasted SO much paper :)