29 Goals: The Album


This year I’m embarking on a journey to complete 29 Goals before I turn 29.

While I see this list as super aspirational, and more about the experience than about completionism, I want to set myself up for success. In order to help me along my journey, I put together a mini-album where I could document my progress as I go.

rukristin 29 goals album-1

I used a Dear Lizzy Album and the latest Studio Calico scrapbook and Project Life kits (Sugar Rush). Working with a kit made putting together a larger mini-album a lot easier. It both restricted my choices — so that I wouldn’t be rummaging around my stash for hours, and also made the album look super cohesive without trying really hard.

Some goals will have lots of documentation, others are just a marker to remind me of the goal itself. Also — just ignore goals 21-25, I totally forgot to write them down before taking pictures of the album, refer back to the original list if you want to check them out.

The Album

Click on each of the photos for a larger images.

I thought it would be a little bit too much to describe each page in depth, but I’d love to answer any questions at all. If there’s anything about the topics, the pages, the supplies, etc — leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to add all the answers to the bottom of this post.

rukristin 29 goals album-2 rukristin 29 goals album-3 rukristin 29 goals album-4 rukristin 29 goals album-5 rukristin 29 goals album-6 rukristin 29 goals album-7 rukristin 29 goals album-8 rukristin 29 goals album-9 rukristin 29 goals album-10 rukristin 29 goals album-11 rukristin 29 goals album-12 rukristin 29 goals album-13 rukristin 29 goals album-14 rukristin 29 goals album-15 rukristin 29 goals album-17

I’ll be re-sharing more of this album as I complete the pages. If you have any questions about any of the pages, please ask in the comments below and I’ll add the answers to the post.

Have you made an album to document your own goals?

  • Holy crap, those kits were MADE for your goals. I can’t believe how well the themes on the cards work with your list! Can’t wait to watch as this album is filled up :)

    • Right?? I wasn’t even going to make a full album until I got the kit and the colors worked perfectly and there were so many of the PL cards that totally spoke to it.

  • Nicol

    Love the way this turned out!

  • I love the album, but I really love the idea of documenting your goals! Not only is it something nice to look back on, but having a page that says “I DID THIS” makes you feel a bit more accountable too, I think.

    • Yes!! And it will make me want to fill out the ENTIRE book, not just like random pages throughout.

  • dramaqueensmum

    This is so cute.

  • First off, LOVE your album! It’s so cohesive – something I always struggle with.
    Second, that first page with the goals… is that a canvas page? And did you make it yourself? Looks so cool with the typed up goals and bundled hearts.

    Btw, your blog is so cute now! Love the airy feel of the header.

    • Cohesive came from pretty much ONLY using the Studio Calico kits. Its a new thing I’m trying — using kits as kits and letting other people decide what supplies I’m going to use and then just letting myself be creative with those supplies — it seemed counter-intuitive at first, but I’m loving the results.

    • The first page is a full sheet page protector with the little plastic hearts loose in the bottom. I stapled a printed out copy of my 29 goals to the inside of the page protector. That page protector is laying on top of the next page (which is canvas). I really liked how it looked, so I just kept the canvas page blank.

  • I haven’t made an album – I usually end up with three or four incarnations of the same list with things tweaked and crossed out. I wrote a list called “the pre-30 list” but lots of them I am not going necessarily going to be able to complete now through now being a Mum, certainly some can’t be completed while being pregnant so I need to re-write my list but that is half the challenge. I tend to go for easy goals that I know I can achieve rather than aiming that bit higher or coming up with a harder goal.