Everybody Needs a Lady Journal.


Everybody needs a lady journal.

Sometimes I just want to play around with my crafty supplies and create something in one sitting that doesn’t have any rules, requirements, or restrictions. I just want to art.

Recently I made my own lady journal with some sheets of cardstock and the February Oh Deer Me kit. I pulled some photos from my most recent Groovebook (the thinner paper is great for art journaling), bound some cardstock with twine, and then went to town on the book.

It felt really good to get the creativity flowing and just get stuff out of my head and onto paper.


How to create your own lady journal

Supplies Needed:

  • 4-6 sheets of thin cardstock (I used the computer paper kind)
  • Hole Punch
  • Twine
  • Art Supplies
  • Photos
  • Pens



  • Fold each sheet of cardstock in half lengthwise.
  • Punch holes 1″ from the top and 1″ from the bottom along each fold.
  • Stack pages together, string the twine through the holes 3-4 times, and tie the twine together on the outside of the book.
  • Decorate your pages as necessary!
  • Add photos and journaling and paint and anything you want — this is your lady journal.







Supplies Used: 8.5×11 white cardstock, Hero Arts Neon paint daubers, February Oh Deer Me kit

I plan on creating my own lady journal at least once a month — probably using a different base each time. It’s a great activity to bring out into the living room and binge watch House of Cards or Sherlock to.

I’m just really into the idea of pulling out supplies that I really want to use, and then just focusing on using those supplies, instead of getting caught up in all of the other things. Added Bonus — just playing around with new supplies helps you learn how to integrate them into your normal, everyday use stuff. So worth it.

Create your own lady journal today. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out Campfire Chic’s Evening Project: Art Journal inspired by a new class from Classes Kara Made: Tell A Story.


  • Linda Jordan

    This seems similar to my letters to me book that I shared on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I love it, but I need to work in mine more though. This year I decided to step back on PL to have more time for other projects, but I always just want to work on PL and am having trouble being motivated with other projects!

    • I totally get that! Project Life was always at the forefront for me last year, and there were just so many other projects that I wanted to work on that I never really felt satisfied. I’m trying to find ways to work on one other project at a time, so that I can flip back and forth between project life, and another thing — as opposed to having 10 projects that are somewhere between just started and almost complete.

      • Linda Jordan

        I have to say, I tried to reply to this like 5 times already but first I was on the 1 train and kept losing service and then apparently you can’t reply on an iphone because when you go to “log in” it deletes your comment. Bleh, anyways…

        I love the idea of only having 1 other project at a time, unfortunately I have a lot of long-term projects so that just won’t work. I have 2 long-term, no pressure projects that I can work on as I feel like it. I also have a recipe book [that has a long list of recipes to be added] and a travel album documenting everywhere I’ve visited. Plus, I’m helping Phillip start an album documenting all the beer varieties he has tried [yes, he agreed to make an album of his own!! haha] + project life. Lastly, I’m starting my wedding album already because I want to document proposal, planning, wedding and honeymoon all in one handbook. So that’s still a lot, but hopefully I’ll be able to designate more time to these other projects besides project life!

  • Shayne Bundy

    What makes it a “lady” journal? Just that you’re a lady, and it’s *your* journal, haha?
    Is there anything specific you plan to write/keep in there that makes it specifically a female thing?

    • I want it to be a safe space for my lady thoughts. Not necessarily thoughts on being a lady, or how my lady-ness is doing, but a place where I can be a little bit more free-flowing in my thoughts. More lady-like in that I want to get in touch with the ‘feminine’ side of my feelings and my creations. As stereotypical and boxy as that sounds. It’s also kind of just a way to say fuck off to convention, and the final reason — it’s a great outlet to release the evil lady hormones that make me an unhappy person.

      And I think there are lots of men could definitely gain something from making their own lady journals. Especially when they’re hormonal.

      • Shayne Bundy

        That sounds wonderful, and I agree that a lot of women AND men could benefit from such a thing.
        It’s sometimes hard to be seen as a “strong” woman AND an emotional woman.

        • YES YES YES! Being strong has been co-opted to mean ‘not emotional’ and I think that’s BS. Emotion gives us strength and lets us see things for what they really are.

  • Cindy Lyon

    This is a fabulous concept! Something I will definitely be trying.

    • And it uses up all the stuff! Lately I’ve been such a big fan of projects that get me to use my stuff.

  • Ah, I love it! Not everything needs to be structured, and I love that this is more free-flowing :)

    • Me too! It’s such a good activity for movie-night, or binge watching TV.

  • I have one journal for all of my creativity (in March, I may be able to totally splurge on extra journals though), and have totally been feeling that creative spark to make AT LEAST one page. I loveeee your lady journal.

    • This one is made out of cardstock computer paper that I picked up at Target. It was $6 for 100 sheets of paper, and I used like 5 sheets. I love making little journals out of random stuff I have lying around.