Introducing: The Awesome Ladies Project


the awesome ladies project

You are an awesome lady.

Last month I held the first meeting of The Awesome Ladies Project in my living room while my friend Becky and I had a sleepover party (we’re that cool). This month I’d like to invite everyone else to play along with us!  

The Awesome Ladies Project

Join The Awesome Ladies Project and pledge two hours a month to creating a project that makes you feel like an awesome lady.

Creating Makes You Feel Awesome

I’ll be pledging my hours publicly on the last Friday night of each month, and I’d love for you to join me! I’ll be posting pictures of my projects on instagram and twitter using the hashtag #AwesomeLadiesProject. I’ll also have a blog post up featuring some of my favorite photos and a link-up widget for everyone to share their own projects. Eventually I’d love to start featuring some awesome ladies and their awesome lady inspiring art.

I personally will be working on a new project — my monthly ‘lady journal’ — an art journal of thoughts and reflections of both the last month and however I’m feeling at that moment in particular.

Women Inspiring Women

Here are a few pictures from this past month’s lady journal, made with the Notebook Kit in my shop (I’m a little bit obsessed with these notebooks).

Lady Journal by rukristin

Lady Journal by rukristin

Lady Journal by rukristin

Lady Journal by rukristin

Lady Journal by rukristin

Join Us: Last Friday Night of each Month


I’ll be posting pictures on instagram + twitter — come hang out, or play at your own time. Each month I’ll create a link-up widget here on the blog so that you can share your Awesome Lady Projects with the rest of the Awesome Lady Community!


Tell A Story from Classes Kara Made

Tell A Story Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.

Today I’m sharing a giveaway from one of the most awesome ladies I know, Kara Haupt. Kara’s newest e-course: Tell A Story shows you five different ways to create a narrative art-journal. Here’s more about Tell A Story from Kara herself:

These days snippets of our stories are scattered everywhere. On our blogs, our feeds, our occasional journal entries, our phones, our photobooks. Often we don’t take the time to write them out, to think about our stories, and to get the beginning, the middle, and the end in there. Tell A Story provides five different methods of telling linear stories in a mini-book art journal form. Tell A Story is inspiration for five different ways to tell a story — your stories, your family stories, and your inner stories.

Here are a couple fabulous examples of what you can expect in Kara’s Tell A Story e-course:

Tell A Story from Classes Kara Made


Tell A Story from Classes Kara Made


and if you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out blog posts from Manda Townsend, Natalie Mutrux, and Katie Licht showing off art journals they created using Tell A Story as their guide.

Use Kara’s Tell A Story workshop to help figure out how to create your own awesome lady journal.

For a chance to win

Leave a comment below letting us know what makes you feel like an awesome lady, for a bonus chance, tweet about this giveaway.

Purchase Tell A Story & use code: rukristin for $5 off

expires 3/22/14

This giveaway is now closed.


Remember: Last Friday Night of Each Month

March 28th, 2014

Tell All Your Friends!

  • April Lopez

    Not feeling so awesome about myself lately but I’m super proud of how my boys turned out. Awesome men of God.

  • Marie Sheil

    Kristen your journal is awesome. Will definitely check out Kara. Being a mother to 6, stepmother to 3, grandmother and surrogate mother to 2 at a young age of 49 makes me feel like an awesome lady. LOL……..Lots of love to give here. Going to tell my daughters and girlfriends about this. So excited.

  • there’s a lot of girl power happening lately! my tumblr dash is full of it and i follow kara on instagram and this brings to mind her #babevibes. this is all totally great! love it cause we ladies are awesome! what makes me feel like an awesome lady is that i can be and do whatever it is i want and will do it all despite gender stereotypes! it’s pretty empowering to know that i can do anything just as good and probably even better than a man who thinks that i cannot.

  • I am so happy about this! It sounds completely amazing and I can’t wait to participate. I would also love to win Kara’s class…she’s a great teacher and I love what others have done with Tell A Story. Lately, succeeding has made me feel like an awesome lady. I have been struggling but I have also reached for a bunch of things lately and succeeded in them, and that had kept me going when everything else is rough.

  • Oh, I love Kara’s classes. She’s so inspirational.

    I love all of the powerful-lady posts lately. They make my heart happy.

    Standing up for myself lately (SO hard for me) has made me feel like an awesome lady. Not taking people’s crap? Best feeling ever.

  • Rebecca Migliore

    I always feel awesome when I try making a new recipe and find something that I love! Trying new things always helps you learn new things about yourself.

  • Rebecca Migliore
  • Bronwyn Meehan

    I am a Mum and a Nanna and hearing them all say “I love you” makes me feel awesome. There is nothing better than hearing these 3 little words, they are so powerful.

  • Jeanne

    This class looks fun. I feel Awesome when take time to create and craft! Yesterday I felt like an Awesome Lady when I helped make dinner for 80 middle schoolers during their rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof…awesome and tired!

  • Dogmatix

    Being organised and actually doing what I planned to do rather than just thinking about it tends to make me feel really awesome. My nieces and nephews always make me feel pretty cool as well :-)

  • I feel like an awesome lady when I can help my children create things. I love giving them more opportunities to be artistic, even if it detracts from my own time to create.