Week in the Life: Mini-Album

rukristin week in the life

September 2013


rukristin week in the life album-1


Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project (thought up by the amazing Ali Edwards) that focuses on the little details that make up your day-to-day life.  I wanted to keep this as simple as I could (all my photos are in black and white and portrait), because I was determined to finish this project and if I felt like any unnecessary constraints would make it more difficult.

Date Made:

September 2013


This book is made with 4×6 Cardstock photographs, adhered back to back and bound by two binder rings. I created a cover page, and a page for each day of the week in Photoshop, and had them printed up with my photographs.

Number of Pages:


Notable Parts:

It’s super simple. All the photos are black and white and taken in portrait form. I put a little bit of thought into this album before I started the project, so it was easy to follow through.

Materials Used:

4×6 Cardstock Photos (printed at Persnickety Prints), strong tape runner, crop-a-dile hole punch, binder rings.

Scroll down for more pictures of the album.

rukristin week in the life album-2 rukristin week in the life album-3 rukristin week in the life album-5 rukristin week in the life album-7 rukristin week in the life album-9 rukristin week in the life album-11 rukristin week in the life album-13 rukristin week in the life album-15 rukristin week in the life album-17 rukristin week in the life album-19 rukristin week in the life album-21 rukristin week in the life album-23 rukristin week in the life album-25 rukristin week in the life album-26


I’m excited to participate in this project again this Fall! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out one of my mini-albums, they’re one of my favorite projects to create.  I’m passionate about mini-albums and if you’re interested in more inspiration, posts can be found hereSubscribe via your favorite reader for even more mini-album inspiration. 

  • feedthebirdies

    Kristin–I love this. I’m inspired to do my New York album this way so the pictures are the main focus. Beautiful.

    • Do it! It’s easy and fun and pictures tell so much of a story.

  • Cricket Rawlins

    OMG, this is amazing! I totally want to do something like this! I love how it’s all photos and no “journaling” no need for it, the pictures speak volumes!

    • Thanks! It’s one of the few projects I actually had planned out from the beginning and I love the way it turned out.

  • Oh my goodness!! You make me want to join in on this. Your album and photos look amazing!!

    • It’s so much fun! And only one week out of the year.

  • Rachel Townsend

    I love this album! A weird little question about it… when you use binder clips for mini albums, how do you ensure that your hole punches all line up? I made a mini album recently and I lay each card on top of the last one when I punched them, but by the end the holes had drifted, so the first and last ones barely lined up. Thanks, Kristin!

    • Dude! GREAT question.

      To make the holes as evenly spaced as possible, I make myself a template out of cardboard. I make it however tall the album is and then about 1-2 inches thick. I punch my holes through the cardboard, and then use that template for each individual page. That way even if you’re off on the holes, you’re going to be off in the same place as the original as opposed to off on the page that was a little bit off to begin with.

      I’m gonna add this to my notes and work on a little tutorial because everything makes a lot more sense with pictures.

      • Rachel Townsend

        Thank you, Kristin! I would love to see a tutorial :)

  • My

    This is super simple but your photos making it amazing! Your work is always gorgeous.

  • Laura Kaplan

    K, this is AMAZING! I am so inspired to do this myself sometime this year. A week in the summer, maybe? It seems Ali always picks a bad week for me. LOVE this!

    • Yeah, Ali’s week is always the second week in September (it coincides with Jeff’s birthday) so that must be a crazy busy time for you. Pick a week and just go with it — it is a book I’m going to treasure for quite some time.

  • This is absolutely amazing, I loooooove it!

  • Kelly Jean

    Stunning! I was gonna ask about the card stock prints so thanks for sharing where you ordered them from. I love everything in b&w

    • Thanks so much! Keeping everything in b&w made it so much easier to not worry about taking perfect pictures throughout the week.

  • CampfireKam

    I’ve seriously looked through this post at least a dozen times since you posted it. I’m seriously so obsessed with it.

    Quick question: why did you choose to go with cardstock prints over regular prints? Do you feel they’ll hold up better to being flipped through/stored upright or was it for more aesthetics than anything? I am thinking of doing this for an album that houses some sort of hey-I-finally-took-one-photo-a-day-for-an-entire-month type of project :)

    • Yes. Cardstock prints will hold up better over time. I prefer cardstock prints to photographic prints when I’m using them as the actual base of the page.

      These pages are thick and don’t bend at all. I could flip through this book a hundred times and it wouldn’t show much wear and tear at all.

      Photographs adhered back to back wouldn’t hold up nearly as well, especially if you’re going to be flipping through it. But — that being said, if you wanted to use photographs, you could adhere them to a sheet of cardstock to increase the heft. But that adds a bunch of extra steps, and the adhesive may wilt over time, etc etc. — but it is an option.

  • Laura Kaplan

    So I’m using this format for an August Daily I took photos for back in 2011. I love the photos I have as they capture some summer, some of me interviewing for (and getting, and starting) a new job, and the start of the school year. I’m wondering about your choice to not include any journaling. Discuss :)

  • Fernanda Campestrini

    I’m so in love with your mini album! I’m planning to do it this year, but didn’t want to buy Ali’s kit – and yours shows it can be fabulous like that! Thanks for sharing!