5 Ways to use Washi Tape

five ways to use washi

5 Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi tape is one of the easiest papercrafting supplies to hoard. Until I set a limit for myself (I only keep the amount of washi that fits in the above box) I had more washi than I could ever know what to do with. Fortunately, I love using washi — not just hoarding it. It makes a great binding, it’s fantastic for quick decoration, and it’s the perfect scrapbooking embellishment. It’s also great to use around the house when regular tape is a little too boring.

Here are my favorite washi techniques:

1. Decorate Store-Bought Notebooks

2. Attach Photos to a Mini-Album

3. Use it to Bind a Mini-Album
4. Create DIY Gift Wrap

5. Make a DIY Wall Calendar


What are your favorite washi tape projects? 


  • feedthebirdies

    Love! I’m going to post an old library book on my blog tonight that a pen pal mailed to me. She used washi to tape ledger papers to the inside for a place to write the letter. It’s so darling. :)

    • that’s so lovely! come back and leave the link please? :)

  • feedthebirdies

    Here you go! This shows the book she sent a letter in to me and then also how I was inspired to do the same in an old children’s record book. :) http://www.feedthebirdies.com/2014/05/no-envelope-no-box-how-to-mail-letter.html

    • Cricket Rawlins

      That book idea is fabulous!

  • I am going to have to crack out the washi tapes! I have many but always find them so hard to use!? Odd? Inspired.

    • I rip it up off the page more often than I use it — but I still love it.

  • Kelly Jean

    Believe it or not, I don’t have tons of washi. I have no idea why! I do love it though!

    • It’s so fantastic. I’m obsessed lol :)

  • I love washi tape and use it a lot! My latest obsession is to just tuck a little bit in between scrapbook layers. I also use it a lot in my written journal to decorate the pages.

    • love the in-between scrapbook layers idea! I might have to try that out on my next layout.

  • I love washi tape but it seems to be really expensive here – either that or I’m just not looking in the right places. I have a couple of rolls that I found in the sales – I also have a couple of metallic rolls of tape which are technically cheap gift wrapping ones. I found that electrical tape sometimes works quite well too – although you have to cut it rather than pull or tear it which can be a pain sometimes. And because it’s electrical tape it often gets adopted by other members in our house not realising that’s it’s for craft use lol.

    • Ooh! I want metallic cheap gift wrapping ones! Where do you find those? they sound fantastic lol.

      • Pound stores and supermarkets. We can sort a swap or something. They definitely have them leading up to Christmas but they might have them sooner.

  • Shawna Miller

    I love washi! I had to make myself stop buying it until I used what I have though! I go through it pretty quickly since I use it to package up orders. These ideas are all awesome!

    • I LOVE the washi on your packaging!!!

  • Cricket Rawlins

    such great ideas for using Washi K! I have a bunch but don’t use it nearly as much as I should…thanks for these inspiring tips!

    • You’re so welcome. It’s one of my favorite office/crafty crossover supplies. I love using it to style up my to-do lists too — I figure, I have a ton of it, I might as well use it.

  • I LOVE WASHI TAPE SO MUCH! I bought a roll once, and the tape didn’t stick to anything. I was so sad! I can’t wait to buy more and try again!

    • Oh no! Washi is one of my favorites — it lasts forever:D