Get off the internet

get off the internet

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I really hate rants online, or just rants in general. So I’m not a huge fan of having to write this but, I am getting tired of hearing, “hey all you people on the internet — get off the internet and do things in real life.”

I just want to be like — check your assumptions, because you’re acting a fool and having to listen to repeated microagressions make me angry.

First, I take issue with lumping all people “on the internet” as a homogeneous group — you’ve pretty much lost me at that point. I’m not sure you could ever find a more diverse group of people than “people on the internet”. If you’re going to snark — at least narrow down your target a bit.

Second, “people on the internet” spend a lot of time outside, and with their friends, and doing all sorts of things besides “being on the internet” and to assume otherwise is so brazenly ignorant. All of the interesting people on the internet are interesting because they have lives and hobbies that make them interesting.

Third, maybe it hits a little too close to home, maybe you’re the one feeling a little guilty for not spending time with friends or not going to do those other things, because you were “on the internet”. Deal with it. Don’t project. We don’t need your drama.

Finally — just stop judging other people. It’s not nice, and no one wants your unsolicited advice. Just stop — that’s it.

Internet Friends Unite.

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  • Theresa Sondjo

    Just a heads up, your instagram link redirects to somewhere wonky.

    Also, I’m genuinely tickled about how you used the language of social justice to rant about getting off the Internet (or not).

    • whoops! I spelled instagram ‘intstagram’ and that just goes to a crazy place — thanks for the heads up.

      The social structures on the internet mimic the social structures of tangible society. It’s important to remind ourselves that just because we see a sliver of someone’s life, doesn’t mean we know the whole story and judging other people isn’t okay.

  • “just stop judging other people”

    • it’s just both the best solution and the easiest solution.

  • I completely agree with all of this! This is one of the reasons (among others) why I have started being conscious of when/how I use the word “real” – I don’t have “real friends” and “Internet friends” because all of my friends are real friends!

  • Amy Teegan Schubert

    Literally just had this “discussion” with my mother, who more or less thinks I have no proper friendships because I don’t leave the house. Ha! As if that was the requirement to find people you can really talk to .

    • I’ve had a lot of mother-figure types ask me lately about how you ‘find friends on the internet’ and how you go about ‘meeting internet friends in person’; as if like it was actually aliens. It’s happened twice in the past week (we were talking about Megan visiting) and there was such a disconnect during that portion of the conversation that it felt like we were truly on different planets — both times.

  • I absolutely leave my house! …to go to Target :)

    But no really, I do tons of things in “real” life and find my internet life and friends happily blended with my in-person friends.

  • Kelly Jean

    I love using the word “internet” because it reminds me of that one insurance commercial. HAHA. Anyways, some of my closest friends now I met ON THE INTERNET. My friend Heather that I just met in person for the first time (Yeah!) a few weeks ago, is such a good friend to me. We’ve talked on Skype and through letters and emails and texts and such, but it wasn’t weird or anything. Sometimes I do have issues with people being on their phones all the time, but that’s only when I’m trying to have conversations with them. Otherwise, I’m cool!

    • Skype is such a great way to keep in touch with far away people. Google Hangouts works similarly too.

  • I love this post. Everything you said hit every nail on the head ever about this topic! I hate reading the ones that tries to make mother’s feel like a less of mother because they blog or instagram etc. Seriously in this day and age this is the future.

    I have many friends via the internet, some I almost speak to daily, many I wont met in real life due to the oceans between us. Some I have met in real life. One I met almost 6 years ago and we even went on a cruise together and she’s one of my closest friends.

    I loved your rant!

    • Internet friends unite! I want to come to Australia one day :D

  • Lauren

    So happy you wrote this! A lot of the posts you mention (that I have read) are targeted at parents and aim to pile the guilt on – “stop using the internet and be in the moment with your children!” Umm I love my children to bits and spend every waking minute with at least one of them, what’s wrong with spending a bit of ‘me time’ online without feeling guilty? And aren’t those people writing those posts doing so on the internet? Oh the irony!

    • I have no tolerance for that guilt/shaming/bullying type stuff. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. We should be supporting each other. And if we are truly concerned about the decisions that others are making, then calling them out on the internet is pretty much the worst way to do anything about it.

  • I agree 100%. I blog, I’m on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr, I game online, I send and answer e-mails, etc. “Online” is a big part of my life. So is camping, tending the garden, cleaning our room, drawing and working on art projects, etc.

    This is a pet peeve of mine as well, so I totally understand.

    • Exactly! and its just so much easier to not judge other people lol — So they should just stop doing it.

  • Nicole Laha

    So true. So many things we do offline are inspiring what we do online. Unite, we will.

    • And so many things we do online inspire what we do offline. :)

      Great post, Kristin!

      • Exactly! I’ve met and had adventures with so many online friends, or gone on adventures inspired by bloggers, or enjoyed experiences in the physical world because of experiences in the digital world. :D

    • Yep! One of the best ways to find internet friends is to find people who have commonalities with your off-line hobbies.

  • Carrie K

    you are one of my favorite “people on the internet” please don’t EVER “get off the internet” :)

  • Word. Right on ❤️