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rukristin feminist scrapbooker studio tour

So I’ve been in Michigan for just over two months now, and I’m definitely still getting into the swing of things. Every week there seems to be a few fires to put out that pull me away from the routine I’ve been honing for myself. That being said, it definitely gets a little bit easier each day. Today I’m sharing an update on my crafting studio.

I am thrilled with my setup. I began planning it out the second we walked into this house way back in March. My studio is located in the back of our house (a mid-century ranch built in 1952) in our great room. The room is half studio and half media room. This works perfectly for me, because I can listen to amazing music in 7.1 surround sound while working, or grab a couple of supplies and sit on the couch while I’m binge watching Gilmore Girls. The room has incredible light — making it perfect for desk shots, product photos, tutorials, and actually seeing what I’m doing (always incredibly underrated).

The focal point of the room is this Varde free-standing kitchen island from Ikea (I 100% stole the idea from Ali Edwards, who has a killer studio as well). I don’t want to overhype it or anything. but it’s pretty friggin awesome, and has totally transformed the way I create.

rukristin feminist scrapbooker studio tour


To keep the top of the desk in good condition, I run a roll of children’s art paper across the top so that any stray pen, marker, paint, or adhesive marks don’t scar the beautiful butcher block. It’s also perfect for writing notes to myself while I’m creating. The paper is the Mala Drawing paper and paper roll holder from Ikea.

rukristin feminist scrapbooker studio tour


The Varde has three huge drawers where I’m currently storing all of my embellishments. I have these plastic organizer things (that I think maybe I picked up at the Container Store?) to divide up embellishments by type so that they’re easily accessible.

I’m the most creative with the things that are directly in front of me, but scrapbooking embellishments are like Tribbles — they multiply and quickly become disorganized and unwieldy if they are not kept under strict supervision. Having all my little bits and bobs in these drawers makes it easy to quickly see everything I have, but still lets me hide away their clutter without losing any utility.

rukristin feminist scrapbooker studio tour

On top of the table, I have a bunch of containers to hold stuff. I’m a sucker for things that hold other things. I have a collection of porcelain bowls from Anthropologie and other random brightly colored organizational containers for all the supplies that I want to keep out and readily accessible. I created a custom washi tape holder from a box left over from the move and I’ve picked up divided organizers from The Land of NodThe Container Store, and Etsy.

rukristin feminist scrapbooker studio tour

Thanks for taking a peek into my new studio! If you have any questions about my studio, my organization system, or anything else, leave a comment below or send me an email.

  • So jealous of that lighting! I’ve all but given up on taking good photos of my projects in our poorly-lit apartment… it’s half the reason I switched to digital for now (the other half being that it’s easier to control the craft clutter on a hard drive!). Jeff (my Jeff, not yours, haha) has been doing a “#100happybeers” project to try to expand his taste in beer, and it’s such a project every night lugging out the OttLite lamp, propping up a white cutting board for a backdrop, etc, to try to overcompensate for the yellow lighting just to get one decent picture of his beer of the night.

    • That’s exactly how our old apartment was. The light was so awful that every photo was just like gross and depressing. White cutting board and Ott light is totally genius though!

  • It looks great! I love all of your storage solutions. Now that I’m in an apartment, I have a separate desk just for crafting, which is a step up, but I’m struggling with storage solutions for all of my supplies. I really should invest in more table-top storage stuff, since I don’t have many drawers.

    • I totally agree. And when I keep things in drawers, I totally forget they exist. — Check out thrift shops and garage sales for old kitchen bowls — they are my favorite.

  • Love the window and your idea of running kraft paper along the surface — so smart!

    • And the paper is so cheap at Ikea. I love using children’s toys for things.

  • Cricket Rawlins

    Awesome space K! Love the island with the drawing paper, what a fabulous idea!! I’m slowly getting myself into an organizational system that is working but it still needs a few more tweaks!

    • Thanks Cricket! There will always be a need for tweaks to the system.

  • I’m so jealous of your studio. Looks like an amazing space!

    • Thanks! It’s really been a great space to create in.

  • Rachel Townsend

    Since you love bright colors & organizational dodads, have you checked out Poppin? They produce all brightly colored organizational supplies – which would go great with everything you’ve got already (so jealous!). They also have some adorable paperclips I’ve got my eye on for PL :)

    • THANKS A LOT. Now I’ve just spent 45 minutes on their website drooling over all the amazing things!!!! :D

      • Rachel Townsend

        Perhaps I should have warned you about the time-suck factor ;)


    • COME and craft with me :D

      • I’m plotting a trip out to see you at some point, I hope you know, and this is totally happening :)

  • caroline hancock

    love your space, I use Anthro bowls for my stuff, love how handy and pretty they are .

    • They are so handy! and the best colors.

  • Dreamtime Designs

    Wow this is fantastic! I love the paper over the table idea. I often write things down when I’m designing too so this would work well for me. Thanks for sharing :)

    • It’s so convenient, then I don’t have to scrounge around for scrap paper to write notes on — because I seemingly never have non-pretty paper to write notes on lol.

  • LOVED seeing these photos of your space! :)

    • <3 <3 If you're ever in MI come craft with me in it!

  • elizabethrosemond

    I love this so much!! I’m envious of the floors as I have carpet in my studio; it’s totally getting trashed! I’ve envied that kitchen counter for years…looks so perfect!!

    • its absolutely perfect. I’m so glad that I invested in this one big piece instead of a few smaller ones. It just rocks so hard.

  • Amanda Rose

    Looks great, Kristin!

  • Cerise Wade

    Looks amazing. One day I would love to have my own room to create in.

    • Thanks so much :) after more than a decade of scrapbooking in the corner of my bedroom or dining room, I’m so grateful that I was able to put together this space in our new home.

  • Llynx

    This is so cool. I love looking at all your cute storage.

    • Thanks so much. Keeping things in cute storage helps me motivated to clean up after myself lol

  • Kristy Hernandez

    Beautiful room! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dawn Gross

    That work table is the best!

  • Laura Crosby