Sending Love Letters & Minted Stationary

rukristin love letters

Happy. Mail.

Since moving halfway across the country (and spending most of my time working-at-home), the mailbox has become an important part of my everyday life. Once I arrived here in Michigan, I started sending notes and cards to my friends and family back home, which prompted me to start sending letters to other friends too. Its really nice to open up the mailbox and find a little physical reminder that someone was thinking of them.

rukristin love letters

When the new year rolled around, I decided to make writing notes and letters to friends part of my routine. To keep myself accountable, I’ve been snapping pictures and sharing using the hashtag #rukristinloveletters (because I’m a sucker for a good hashtag).

Minted contacted me about reviewing some of their products as part of a blog post, and because I’m a sucker for all things pretty paper, and they provide a great service and quality products, I decided to round up some of my favorite Minted stationary products for sending notes and letters to friends.

What you need:

  • Stationary/Greeting Cards (see my favorites below)
  • Envelopes and Postage (I highly recommend the Harry Potter US Postage Stamps)
  • Your Pen/Pens (these are my favorites)
  • Decorative Stamps and Embellishments (optional, sort of)

Why Stationary/Greeting Cards?

So, you could just use regular paper or a blank note card, but if the whole point of sending someone happy mail is to make them feel special — make it special. Unfortunately we don’t always have the time to create a handmade card or craft a long letter. This is where the Minted products come in handy. They have personalized stationary products for all occasions in a multitude of styles, so you can just grab one and go — and since they’re cute and personalized, your recipient will get still get that special feeling when they open it up.

Favorite Minted Products for #rukristinloveletters

Minted stationary rukristin review post

Pop Paisley Business Stationary (um grey and yellow? yes please)

minted rukristin review

Indo Personalized Stationary (I can’t decide between the yellow text and the white text, they’re both fabulous)

minted rukristin review

Bold Brackets Foil Stamped Stationary (If you’re feeling especially glorious and want to add some shiny stuff to your notes — also great for writing down your own amazing quotes).

Some of my favorite bloggers and paper artists have recently used Minted to create their own personalized stationary and holiday cards with great success (Elise’s Christmas Card and personalized stationary, Kelly Purkey’s Custom Planner, Ali Edwards’ Personalized Stationary) are just a few that I’ve had bookmarked.

Make your friends feel special. Send More Happy Mail!  

Getting hitched soon? Know someone who is? Just love looking at fancy invitations? Check out the Minted Wedding Collection for Save the Dates, Invitations, and more. 

PS — This Foil NJ Art Print is amazing and probably belongs on my wall.

PPS — Minted provided me with compensation for this post, but as always the opinions are my own. 


  • Oh my gosh I love the foiled NJ print!

  • Jenn McClure

    I love sending letters and cards to people I care about, especially since i moved halfway around the world! I’ll have to check these stationary places out because I have been searching for stationary myself!

  • Minted rocks to begin with, but I love your cards to pieces! Also, when did you get a new header!? I’ve been living under a rock ><;

  • I love your love letters! I’m going to frame my favorite ones :)

  • Jo

    I love sending happy mail normally cards but the occasional letter. So nice to see some new stationary to search for
    Jo xxxx

  • Janine van Emden

    I love sending happy mail and am a big fan of sending birthday cards. Im really organisd about that.
    I also love sending postcrossing cards!
    I did also try penpalling but haven’t had any luck so far with finding people who are serious about ti and actually write back…

  • smbrink

    Love this! I love sending snail mail to my friends and pen pals, and end up sending plenty of letters through too! It’s a great way to spread some joy. :)