4 Ways to Make Photography Part of Your Routine


Scrapbook Confession 001: I’m not taking enough pictures. I’m not taking enough pictures of my day-to-day routine, or even the events going on in my life. I’m just not taking pictures of what’s going on around me and I’m not sure why.

Usually I like to fuss around and figure out why something is going wrong — I have a much easier time fixing it that way. But I don’t even know where to start with this one. Is it because it’s freezing and I spend most of my days in the house? Is it because of the short days with such little light? Is it because winter emotions are hard enough as it is without feeling like there are picture worthy moments?

I don’t really care why it’s happening, I’m just going to take proactive steps to make it better in the future. And really, that’s all I can ask for — I can sit back and be angry or annoyed at myself for not taking photos all winter and lament on all the little moments that I’ll forget, or I can just suck it up and do better.

Now I’m not really one of those people who just says ‘I’ll do better’ and it magically happens. I need a plan of action. Steps that will help guide me to being better — and in this case, specifically being better at taking more pictures of my everyday life.

How am I going to do that?

1. Thursday3 already works really well for me. The public accountability and the clear actionable tasks are what make it such an easy challenge to complete. I’m going to branch out a little and find other hashtags that will help me to remember to snap a picture and share it.

2. Take more photos each day. I’m finding that almost all my non-work photos are photos that I post publicly and I want to document more than just the life I share on Instagram.

3. Convert all my gross winter everyday photos to black and white. The dark days and weird shadows of winter make taking good everyday photos pretty much impossible. So instead of sulking and hating the way all my pictures turn out, I’ll just change them all to black and white. This way I won’t have to worry about the awful lighting.

4. Collect App. A little bit of private accountability goes a long way too. I like that this app sends me a notification each day asking me if I’ve taken a picture. Although right now I have it set to 7pm, which means it’s already dark out and my chances of getting a good picture are slim to none. I think I might move the notification up earlier in the day and see how that works out.

Goals. Plans of Action. Steps to get to where I want to go. That’s always been my key to success. I’m pretty sure that with these plans I’ll be able to get out of my photo-slump asap.

  • Yvonne

    I find it hard to take photos every day, too. I think one big point for me is the little perfectionist in me, that makes photography time consuming. Also I don’t want to carry around the camera all the time. Sometimes I also just want to enjoy the moment, instead of taking pictures of it. I’m not sure, if I want to change this now. It’s okay as it is for the moment :)
    Enjoy your project! I think the idea with the black and white photos is great!

    • I totally agree with the perfectionist thing — like I want to take the best photo at this moment, not just a random photo that might or might not be good enough — and then that takes all the fun out of it.

  • Jenn McClure

    I find it hard to remember to take photos every day, especially because most of my time is spent at work and that is really not all that interesting. I know that I need to do better about taking more pictures for my PL…. but I just don’t find my life all that interesting sometimes.

    • I feel the same way — especially when I’m working. Like I’m going to take pictures of me scrapbook-working to put in my scrapbook? That gets a little too meta, even for me.

  • Jo

    I use Collect app and it’s great as it reminds me everyday to put my picture in for that day. I’m doing well so far this year. I am taking a photoaday with atmumslim’s Instagram challenge which is really encouraging me to look at my photography differently and I have found some incredibly talented photographers who put me to shame.

    • I love that challenge. I should work it back into my routine.

  • Katie

    Yes. Exactly this. I’m in year 4 of Project 365 and I have more gaps this year than any other. It gets to 10pm and if I remember, I’ll take one but I am at work from 9-6:30 so its dark when I leave the office so the photos are pants. I already carry a camera around all day, so I too need motivating to actually take the shot. Thanks for the tips. :-)

    • This is one of the reasons I’m so excited for Daylight Savings Time — more light to take pictures in the evening.

  • Laura

    January and February are by far my least-photos-taken months of the year. Even though I start the year with the idea I’ll do better, it all falls apart very quickly and doesn’t recover until spring shows up in March (if we’re lucky). I like the idea of moving my Collect reminder up to earlier in the day, when there’s a chance I’ll still find something interesting to photograph, rather than it always being those last couple of hours before bed.

    • It’s always like after the day has ended, and I’m like — I have nothing interesting going on right now. I don’t want to take a picture of my day. But by moving it up earlier in the day it also reminds me to take a picture later, even if I don’t feel like doing it that second.

  • Rachel Townsend

    Ugh! I am having the same problem! I used to do a lot of daily photo challenges and that worked really well for me for a long time, but a couple months ago I got bored and felt uninspired by the prompts so I’ve just kind of been trying to go it alone. It’s not working very well. So perhaps I should follow in your path! #Thursday3 has been a such a great challenge because I never feel uninspired – if I’m uninspired than it’s because of me and I love me so I always find a way to get excited about it – that is part of why I love it as a challenge so much! <3

    • Well that makes me super happy. I love Thursday3, even when I’m feeling gross or sick or just weird, I can still manage to take a picture that tells me something about the day.

  • Carol W.

    I do great at holidays, big moments, happy moments but I’m horrible about everyday life photos. I’ve been trying to do better but not in the habit yet. I have the Collect App but didn’t have it set to remind me (now I do) hopefully this will help remind me to photo those everyday life moments, even the crazy ones.