Currently Watching: Documenting My Binge-Watching TV Habits

rukristin currently watching art journal

rukristin currently watching art journal

Television is my books. It is my absolute favorite medium for storytelling (although audiobooks are starting to pull me in). I have to roll my eyes when I hear people talking about how the television is full of garbage. While that is true — but only if you look at the sheer amount of programming. But comparing a mountain of garbage to a pile of gold, just to say that one is bigger than the other does none of us any good.

If you want to watch Fox News, reality Princess Mommy shows, or anything at all in the CBS prime time lineup, you’re gonna have a bad time (if you pizza when you want to french fry, you’re gonna have a bad time). But that’s the exact same problem we run into with any other pop art medium. Look at the number of garbage novels available on Look at the number of crap movies that come out in the theater. Just because there’s a lot of nonsense, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth wading through it to get to the good stuff.

Quality television — that’s where its at. People who are going to tell me a story with great characters and a fantastic plot, week-in and week-out. Television is a big part of my everyday life and I really want to be documenting it more. I’m often sitting on the couch at night watching a show with an art journal in hand, just sketching or doodling. So I made myself a television-specific art journal; my ‘Currently: watching’ journal.


To put the journal together, I used my Currently List clear stamp set, some Highline patterned paper, and a Basically Bare 5×7 Art Journal. For a further look into the process, I’m sharing instructions for how I put together the cover and the template for the inside pages on the Basically Bare blog.

Now I have a place to write down my thoughts as I’m watching my favorite shows. Broad City, Justified, The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, Bob’s Burgers, and everything else that I can’t think of at the moment.


What shows are on your must-watch list right now? Do you document your television watching? What about other media?

  • I’m currently watching a bunch of TV series and I use an app called TVShow Time to keep track of the episodes. I fill out every week your Currently List cards, but having a notebook just for what you’re watching is an awesome idea!

    • I need to get on this app thing. — You know, this idea started because of my Currently lists? I was having such trouble deciding what to put in the ‘watching’ category that I needed to find a way to document more than what I could fit in there.

    • That app sounds great. I’m gonna have to try it. I tend to binge watch (or watch shows on and off) and can never remember where I left off.

      • It’s amazing, it’s like a Goodreads for TV series and I’m obsessed with it! There is both for iOS and Android :)

        • Exactly my thought! I just downloaded it on my phone and it is amazing!

  • Julia

    I think this is adorable- & comforting to know that my opinion about TV shows is shared (well, largely- I do think there are a few good CBS shows: Scorpion, Bluebloods, etc.). I don’t know if I could do a whole album, but I love TV & I think documenting it more than just tracking electronically (via iTV Shows app) would be good!

    • I’ve heard good things about Scorpion! and I’m definitely excited for CBS to host the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

      I’ve never even thought of tracking it electronically! I’m gonna check that out — maybe add some screen shots to project life or something like that.

  • At the moment, I’m completely hooked on The Musketeers and The Night Shift. And Scorpion!

  • I so appreciate this perspective! I love TV too, and I would even venture to take it a step farther than what you’ve described and say that even crap TV has its place sometimes. Even people who try to eat healthy food most of the time are sometimes going to crave a slice of cake. It’s not good for you, has no nutritional value, but it temporarily makes you feel good. I watch CW shows for this purpose. I know it’s crap writing, semi-crap acting, but the story lines still entertain me when I just feel like relaxing rather than being intellectually stimulated. In fact, in thinking about my current watch list, a lot of it is comprised of shows many people would consider crap TV: The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, one season left to go to catch up on Sons of Anarchy (which has a whole different set of issues that I’m super-consciously aware of but choose to watch anyway, just keeping in my mind the whole time “These people suck and I hate the way they treat other people” rather than “I really relate to these characters and am rooting for them.” Good writing in television depicts reality without sugarcoating it, even when it’s a reality that is harsh and that we want to change). But I’ve also liked a lot of really fantastic shows like Eureka, Chuck, and a few others that are no longer on the air.

  • Cricket Rawlins

    I love tv, both the good and the crap, LOL! Funny, I wasn’t much of a tv watcher (I am a serious movie fan and can watch my favorites over and over) until I met Todd (who was a HUGE tv fan) and now I’m hooked on some “good” and “not so good” shows. It totally is my way of de-stressing! Some of my current fav’s: Downton Abbey (totally wish the season was longer), Sons of Anarchy (currently in the final season), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yeah…I know, lol), The Following and Vikings. I do a ton of arriving to the party late and just binge watched Parenthood…AMAZING, and I’m making my way through The Gilmore Girls!! I love your idea of a mini devoted to tv!!

  • Carol W.

    I love TV – I read too but I love TV shows, a few favorites are: NCIS, NCIS: Los Angelos, Sherlock (BBC). I use the currently cards to document and I also have a Journal that I use too.