Find Your Voice 2015 Workshop | Lesson Four: What Do You Have To Say


rukristin Find Your VoiceIt’s here! It’s time! My six-week FREE storytelling workshop Find Your Voice 2015 is in full swing and Lesson Four is now available in the Find Your Voice Classroom ar rukristin classes.

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This workshop started on July first, and over the course of six weeks I’ll be sharing my album with you here on the blog and in the Find Your Voice classroom. Lessons are available in the classroom, along with contributor projects, discussion forums, scheduled live chats, and a great support community.

A new lesson is released each Wednesday and includes a downloadable PDF of thought-provoking content, a printable follow-along worksheet, a creative challenge inspiring you to take what you’ve learned and turn it into something tangible, and support from an incredible community of humans from around the world.

Today I’m going to share a little bit more about the project I created for this lesson’s creative challenge. There is no correct way to put together your creative projects — whatever inspires you is the right way to do it.

Lesson Four: What Do You Have To Say

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The challenge for Lesson Four: What Do You Have To Say is to document a constructed narrative.

Think of one story that you’ve been wanting to tell for a while. Break down the important parts and organize the raw facts into a meaningful narrative.

Maybe you’ll share a series of photographs. Maybe you’ll tell the story of your wedding day, emphasizing the important details that only you remember. Maybe you’ll organize your ticket stubs or your poems from high school.

For this lesson I chose to create a photo collage of selfies from my time here in Michigan.

rukristin Find Your Voice lesson Four

Throughout the album I’m using a double page spread for each challenge. This spread is made up of two watercolor pages — both left and right. For this spread I chose to tell a single story through eight square photographs.

rukristin Find Your Voice lesson Four

The journaling reads: A picture is worth a thousand words. Selfies are my way of getting down a chunk of my story just with a click of the shutter. Michigan Selfies

rukristin Find Your Voice lesson Four


rukristin Find Your Voice lesson Four


I kept this spread very simple. I wanted the story to be told through the progression of time. I stacked two square 2×2 photos for each month January – April.

Along with the photos of me in glasses, me in bed, me with my hair down, etc — each photo has it’s own setting and shows off the different places that I’ve chosen to take my photograph over the past few months.

rukristin Find Your Voice lesson Four

Layout Tips: 

  1. When in doubt. Start with a grid. They make it much easier to get everything out onto the page and get started. You can always move things around and add embellishments later on.
  2. Anchor your story with a timeline. I didn’t need much journaling on this spread because I put the basic facts up front. This is a layout about selfies that were taken between January and April.
  3. Use patterned paper mats to expand the size of embellishments so that they work better with the rest of your page. I needed to make the 4×4 journaling card bigger so that it would stay in line with the top and bottom of the photographs.

You are the storyteller and you are the best person to tell your story.

This is FOR YOU.

The Album:

I’m using the 6×9 binder in the Find Your Voice main kit as my album for this workshop. While you definitely don’t need to create a separate album for this workshop, it’s nice to have a single finished product when we wrap up the workshop. If you’d like to see how I started this album and the content for lesson one, check out this blog post.

rukristin Find Your Voice Main Kit

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