FAQ: How often do you take your #kdeskshot pictures?

FAQ Kdeskshot photo series

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FAQ Kdeskshot photo series

Question: How often do you take your #kdeskshot pictures? Are they weekly, monthly, or just when you feel like it?

Answer: Like any of my other photo series, I have an idealized goal that I set for myself. My goal is to take it as a daily photo — but as a practical application, it’s not a daily project. I don’t spend time at my desk every single day, so I’m not going to have photos for the days I’m not at my desk.

I like to call it ‘(almost) daily’. It’s pretty much everyday that I’m working at my desk — most weeks it’s 5-6 days a week. Sometimes I’ll skip a day if it’s super dark and dreary out. Sometimes I’m away on a trip. Sometimes I’m spending the day working away from my desk. This is what my life looks like. My goal is to take it as a daily photo — but as a practical application, it’s not a daily project. So I like to call it ‘(almost) daily’.

Check out my #kdeskshot series on instagram to see how I’m documenting my everyday work life.

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