What do I want to document in 2016?

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Just start writing.

I’ve been overwhelmed for weeks with travel stuff, holiday stuff, and all the health stuff. My business and documenting stuff has inadvertantly been piling up into this danuting and seemingly insurmountable mountain that is pushing my anxiety into overdrive.

Just start writing.

I need to figure out my plan for 2016. While my friends are all around me coming up with their One Little Words, their business plans, and their editorial calendars, I’m laying on the couch binging on Chuck while the antibiotics I’m on for he next seven days make me a totally useless human.

Just start writing.

I’m an INFJ — which means my default role is counselor — I’m fabulous at helping people out, offering soliticed advice, and working with people on a plan to get what they want. Unfortunately, I’m not always the best at following through and listening to my own advice. Tonight (last night) I needed to
do something for myself — I needed to figure out the first step of the plan. So I did what any totally normal human would do and had a conversation with myself inside my head.

Just start writing.

I asked myself — ‘what do you want for next year’ and then I started coming up with cool business ideas, and exciting class premises, etc; which was exactly the wrong thing to be doing. I reminded myself that I need to be documenting my own life in a way that makes me excited and happy and fulfilled before I can ever hope to inspire others to do the same. So I came back to an old lesson I taught myself in college whenever I was overthinking a big paper (so every time) — just start writing, and things will fall into place.

Just start writing.

So I did. I asked myself ‘what do I want to document in 2016?’ and let myself just freestyle list everything I want to be a part of my memory-keeping for the upcoming year. I’m not ready to analyze it, extract hidden meanings, or put a big plan of action into place just yet. I just wanted to start writing, and if you’re struggling at all with what/how/when you want to document 2016, I highly recommend you do the same.

Just start writing.

What I want to document in 2016

  • My favorite movies and why
  • The news and media coverage
  • Selfies and random facts about my life
  • Currently lists 
  • Weekly TV schedule
  • Binge watches and reviews 
  • Screenshots and memes
  • Text message conversations and inside jokes
  • Board games and video games and why
  • My current past favorites
  • Top five lists
  • The changes in the weather
  • The food I grow, make, and eat
  • My friends and why I love them
  • Characters I love and relate to
  • Music (Hamilton)
  • Headaches and living and working with a chronic illness 
  • Owning a small woman-run business
  • My home
  • Senses and feelings
  • Dinner parties
  • Michigan adventures and sleep away trips 

What do you want to document in 2016?

  • Haley Aubuchon

    I love this post! Sometimes there is just way too much rolling around in your brain and it is overwhelming.
    I want to document the books that I read in 2016, where I live, and more of my thoughts and feelings (not just what I’m doing on the surface). I have no idea how I’m going to do it though.

  • Laura Kaplan

    I need to make a list like this. Thank you for pointing this out. So many things about ME not yet documented!

  • Oh yes…I feel you..I can’t get my head straight lately…too much on my plate, which stresses me out. I need to be alone and recharge without any obligations…soon…but not before Christmas is over *sigh* And I should make such a list, too. Maybe before the new year ;)

  • bonnierose

    I hv so many ideas for the New Year.. so many.. for now.. I’m stocking u on supplies… I’m thankful my word for this year is NURTURE.. I plan on taking care of me a bit more this next year.. even though I hv an upcoming knee surgery.. but still.. my future is bright with future ideas.. and yours is too.. great ideas btw.. love them!

  • Kelly Jean

    I totally need to give this a try. I have a million ideas for what I want to do over the next year and need to figure out how to focus it down. This is perfect!