Vanessa’s Winter Activity Jar

The following is a guest post from amazing Creative Team member Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. Today she is sharing a fun and interactive project to enjoy with her family throughout the cold winter months. 

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So the holiday craziness is over. We’ve eaten all the food, played with all the toys, made all the resolutions. So what do we do now? To help cheer us up (especially with the daylight savings change and all the snow being heaped on us), I decided to make a family wish jar. I think this would make a really cool birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving gift for those family members who have a lot of stuff and for whom you never know what to buy.

Here is what you need:

  • Left-over scrap paper
  • A mason jar
  • A pen
  • Scissors

Vanessa's Activity Jar for rukristin

Cut all of your paper into strips. I am using some leftover scrap paper and two pages from the 6×6 paper pad that came with the Find Your Voice kit. This is where you can be creative. You can choose a cool color scheme or use only holiday appropriate paper. You can even reuse wrapping paper. Anything festive that has a link to the moment in the year you’ll be making this works. You can totally adapt this project to the occasion (for example you could have spring papers for Easter, black and orange ones for October/Halloween, etc.). There are really no limits.

Vanessa's Activity Jar for rukristin

On each strip, write down an activity, a wish, that you would like to do or to make. It can be simple things, or more fun, out-of-the-norm stuff.

Vanessa's Activity Jar for rukristin

I tried to add some adult wishes (‘date night!’) but also wishes that we can do with the kids. Or for the kids (like ‘I’ll clean up your room so you don’t have to’). I took it a step further and got them involved too. They each got to write down 4 wishes or activities they would like us to do. They really like ‘have a game night’ and ‘go ice skating’.

Vanessa's Activity Jar for rukristin

Slip the different paper strips into the mason jar. They look so pretty in there! You can take this a step further and decorate the lid with washi tape or add a big bow to make it festive.

Vanessa's Activity Jar for rukristin

The fun part will be using it. Every week, someone gets to choose a wish from the jar. Then, you get to do it. In my case, we’ll do a wish a week until the end of the winter season. I feel like this kind of activity is great to beat the doldrums and to help you be more spontaneous. Especially when it comes to going outside in the snow. Enjoy!

Vanessa's Activity Jar for rukristin

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Vanessa is an archaeologist who believes in the power of art journaling, self-documenting and storytelling. She is proud to be an Awesome Lady and loves to share her artful endeavours on her blog at

  • Gilly Welch

    What a wonderful way to cheer up the winter blues!