When It Snows, It Snow-Pours

rukristin when It snows it snow pours -- how I'm getting myself out of my writing slump

rukristin when It snows it snow pours -- how I'm getting myself out of my writing slump

I’ve been in a writing slump for the past few months (and this nonsense Michigan winter weather is not helping). I have no idea if there is a real root cause — or if it’s just that I’m legitimately terrified of writing things down. I sit in front of the computer, or in front of a notebook, or in front of a stack of post-its and the ideas and plans run out of my head no problem, but I get stuck as hell when I try to write anything that’s going to be read by another human.

Writer’s block happens all the time. The only real solution is to buckle down and work through it. So my first resolution on getting back to a writing routine is to get over the lingering notion in my head that the shit that I have to say isn’t important enough to say out loud — especially here on my own personal blog.

I’ve found myself caught in between trying to stay ‘on-brand’ and trying to keep up with the things that I’m ‘supposed to be doing’. It’s this perfect storm that means I don’t think I’m good enough to sit down and write things without making sure they’re perfect first.

That’s not what a blog is for. Yes, of course content should be edited and readable and interesting, but its my content, my voice, and my website — so when push comes to shove, I can really do anything I want, while still remaining true to myself, my voice, and my brand vision.

My second resolution is to start sharing more here on the blog. I do better when I’m writing and having an open dialog — whether it be alone, or with the awesome community of women who read the things I have to say, and find it a source of inspiration.

Over the past few months, things have been insane behind the scenes (also mouth surgery). I have a new product line launching this spring, I’ve been working on several new workshops, and the back-end stuff on the shop, and the blog, and the classes sites are all starting to deteriorate a little bit more than I’m okay with — so those need a complete overhaul asap.

Because of those things, I’ve been pushing aside my writing; which is just a bad idea. When I write, I find it so much easier to see connections that I wouldn’t have spotted before. It’s so much easier for me to clarify what I’m thinking in my head and turn it into words that I can communicate with other people. Instead I’ve just been working everything out in my own head and my planners and trying to logic and organize my way forward — and that’s not the best version of myself.

The best version of me is someone who is spending time every single day to write stuff down. Not just bullet points, or calendar organization, or post-it notes; but real words in real prose for the express purpose of communicating with other people.

How do you work yourself out of a creative slump?

  • Last year I would have blog posts scheduled for atleast a week in advance, but lately I’ve been terrible about writing blog posts. I’ve been doing the required ones, like design team posts and such, but actually writing and scheduling my other posts? I have become the queen of putting them off.

  • Melody

    This is so inspiring Kristin. I started a blog but I just seem to ignore it. I know why it’s the writing. I worry about what people will think about it. If I am even good enough to have a blog. I haven’t written anything of substance in years so writers block is an understatement! But you are so right. The blog is a personal blog and it’s not like I have any readers.? So maybe I will just set aside a certain time everyday to write. And maybe I will just begin to write for myself and not worry about what others think. And maybe the practice will help build my confidence. The only way to know is to try. Thanks!

  • monica smith

    kristin, Missed you. the things in your head are perfectly normal. Nature is trying to slow you down and catch up. Rest is essential for the human body.yes that Michigan winter causes havoc with hormones and things but only to get you to rest for the arrival of sunshine. Sometimes a little let go helps….that is why you work for yourself.