Late Night Post!

Its gettin late here and I’m gettin tired, but the boy is still playing video games. But I thought I’d do a quick recap.

BOO to Auburn winning the National Championship.
YAY that the Jets are going another week!
YAY that Conan was all new tonight!
BOO to another 6-12 inches of snow, which will fall on top of the 3 inches of snow we got over the weekend, which fell on top of the 20 inches of snow we got right after Christmas.
YAY that I picked up some of the Parisian Anthology page protectors, they will go perfect in my Memorabilia album! If you want them, I suggest getting them now! They are in short supply everywhere.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Piggy in her new Jets zip-up that she got from Santa for Christmas. She is more excited than anyone to see Mark Sanchez playing again next week!

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