Mission Organization: Complete!

My moving and organizing is FINALLY done!!!!

Now I’m generally not a neat person. I’m an organized person, but I’m not neat. So please don’t mind the messyness that are in the pictures. But I’m really proud and happy of the way everything looks and how its all set up. I think its going to work fantastically well for me!

First, here’s an overview picture of the whole area. On the right hand side there are two 2’x4′ table next to each other, giving me a total workspace of 2’x8′. Its the biggest workspace I’ve ever had, and omg is it making a HUGE difference. Its so much easier when I have everything I want right at my hands.

In this picture you can see the right table. Underneath are two of those sterilite rolly-wheel things. In the one on the left I have office supplies, hardware (metal stuff, chains, etc), markers, and ribbon. In the one on the right I have projects that I’m in the middle of working on, blank mini books, and the bottom is for stuff I don’t know where to put (extra heat gun, glue gun, etc). To the left of those I have two legal size milk crates that my wonderful boyfriend acquired for me late one night. In there I keep my heat gun, my binder for my memorabilia project, my crop-a-dile, a cleaning rag. They are really nifty.
Here’s the left table, this is supposed to be the general work area. I have my Ranger craft mat down in the middle, and my trimmer to the right. Above the table I have some string to hang inspirational stuff, and above that I have metal wire that I got from Ikea that I hang my new layouts on. There is a garbage underneath this table, but not much else. More about the other stuff in the next few pictures!
This is all my paper. The metal thing is a legal size paper sorter–the kinda thing you would put in a filing cabinet to organize stuff. Most of my paper is in kits–either SC–or ones I make up myself, and then put into those Cropper Hopper 12×12 plastic sleeves. I also keep my stamp binder, my sketch binder, and 12×12 embellishments (chipboard sheets and whatnot) in there. If you look closely can also see a former little cup of teddy grahams that I keep pens in. The nametag on there was made by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer when I took her altered book class in NYC last month <3.
That black slotted organizer-y thing is one of those old fashioned “pay your bills on time things”. I don’t know what they’re called, but it has a slot for each day of the month. I just stuck my most often used embellishments in there, they fit perfectly, and I love having them right in front of me. If you look close you can see the canvas I made on Sunday. He really is a very cute boy and I’m pretty sure he likes me a lot. :)
Here’s the top of the other table (on the right). Those blue and green bins are where I’m storing my “I want to use right now/brand new” embellishments. The blue one has the “3D” embellishments–chipboard, metal, anything with some thickness. The green one has all my flat embellishments — stickers, rubons, etc. The long black tray has the kinds of things that I would randomly leave out on my table, along with another little black tray inside it which holds all my tiny embellishments that I need to shuffle through in order to use them. My photos are in the center. I’ve been printing out a lot of hipstamatic and instagram photos from my phone, and oddly enough they fit perfectly into my birth control envelopes. So that’s how I’ve been organizing those little photos!
Ooh! and one of my favorite things! See the little doggie? He has all my decorative pins stuck in him like a pin cushion! Animal lovers don’t worry, he has a little magical flower on the side of his ear that makes him feel no pain ;). 
The Expidit. Not much more to say about it. It holds a ton of stuff. Mostly the bulky stuff I don’t use every day. The drawers on the right hold all my flowers and some old photos. I have a basket for my mists, my ink pads, etc.
This is maybe my favorite piece of furniture in the house. My uncle’s father built it back in the 50’s and my aunt gave it to me when they were cleaning out his house. I painted it with some color, and ta da! Its actually upside down here, because I needed it to hug the couch with its weird L shape.  On the top are all my alphas in a vintage basket. A couple more baskets of embellishments that are a little older, but I still would like to have access to. Bins with markers, bling, journaling cards, etc. The bottom shelf has my paint basket, my adhesive basket, and my chipboard basket. 
Lastly I just wanted to show this off. I really like getting 6×6 paper pads when I like an entire line, and those fit perfectly in this Got Flowers basket that I picked up at my LSS a couple years ago. Its from Prima, those glass bottle flowers came in here. I just love it. 
If you actually read this entire post, thank you lol. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :) I feel so great about organizing all my stuff. Now I know exactly what I have and where it is; which will help me create so much faster! Now to get back to some real scrapping!
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