Project Life Organization

Project Life | Organization

Now that we’re a full week into Project Life, I’ve finally gotten myself about as organized as I’m going to get. I do most of my scrapping at my living room table so I like to have my stuff in portable storage. 
I keep a large milk crate (about 12×18) underneath my table, and inside I have a couple of different containers to store the stuff I use on an everyday basis. 
Top Image from Left to Right, Top to Bottom
The first two pictures below show the inside of the crate. On the left is a clear desk organizer that I keep smaller embellishments and journaling cards. On the right is a picture of the crate when I stick my project life kit box right on top. 
The bottom left photo has a pencil/tool holder that I made one afternoon out of some leftover toilet paper rolls (classy, I know). I keep that right on top of my table and can throw things in and out as need be. 
The last picture here shows all of my letter stickers and any other large embellishment sheets. I’m storing them in a wooden bill container? I’m not entirely sure what its called. It has a slot for each day of the month and you’re supposed to throw your bills in there so you know when to pay them lol. There is a little drawer underneath where I keep my patterned paper. 

The next picture is my new favorite toy. Its a vintage canister set for the kitchen, but I re-purposed it with some washi tape and a dymo label maker. I like that you can stack each of the parts in any order, so it doesn’t matter too much which is on top. 
What’s inside?
  • Inks and Zing powders
  • Washi Tape
  • Buttons and Brads
  • Little Stamps and Punches

I keep my larger stamps and punches in metal buckets on the desk behind me, and grab them as I need them. As long as everything has its own place, I know where it is and where to look for it when I want it.  What are some of your favorite crafty organizational secrets? Project Life or not.

I’m sure that I’ll change my organization system around as the year progresses, but I’m really happy with where it is now. It’s both totally functional and adorable! Thanks for stopping by.