Tutorial: DIY Personalized iPhone Contact Photos


So excited! The A Beautiful Mess iPhone app came out last night. I’m a huge Elsie and Emma fan, so when I heard they were coming out with a photo app I knew I had to have it!

This app came out last night when I was laying in bed — too tired to be doing anything else, but not tired enough to actually fall asleep. I started playing around with all the cool features — borders, text, doodles and thought that these would make the best personalized photos for when people call my phone!

Design your very own contact photos for all your friends using the brand new A Beautiful Mess iPhone app. Designed by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess blog; this app lets you add awesome text and art to your photos. Modeled after the design style of A Beautiful Mess, the pictures come out both trendy and whimsical at the same time. I can’t wait to use these pics in my project life spreads.

Follow the directions below to make your own awesome personalized iPhone contact photos for each of your friends!

Step One: Open the A Beautiful Mess app; click ‘photo library’ and select a favorite picture of your friend!
Step Two: Use the text tab to pick out a font and write out your friend’s name on the photo. 
Step Three: Embellish with borders or doodles and then press the done button and then the all done button and the photo will be saved to your photo library. 
Step Four: Open your contacts and select the person who’s photo you just made. Click the edit button in the top right corner. 
Step Five: Click on the box on the left side (it will either say no photo or already have a photo in place) and choose the photo you just created!
Step Six: Press done and wait for them to call! 
A couple extra tips:
  • Print these pictures out for a quick layout about your favorite phone buddies. 
  • Use any photo, it doesn’t have to be embellished. Download a quote or photo from the internet; or grab a big red X photo for those ‘definitely don’t pick up’ calls.
  • These are instructions for the iPhone. I apologize for being an iPhone snob, its one of my weaker qualities as a person :) 
  • Don’t be surprised if you wait an extra ring or two before you pick up the phone; you’re gonna wanna check out your handy work!