Find Your Voice: Reflections and a Present!

We’re at the mid-point of this workshop and I think that its the perfect time to share some thoughts and a little present from me to you.

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If you’ve been playing along so far, I think you can tell that this is my thing. I genuinely care about the ideas behind this workshop. To ‘be the author of your own adventure’ speaks to me on a level reserved for things I am truly passionate about. We live in this world together, but we each experience things individually. We bridge that gap with storytelling. We communicate our experiences to other people through our stories in hopes that we can find a connection; a commonality on which to build a relationship.


Storytelling also means something to me on a more personal level. There are times when I struggle with being happy. Not happiness in general — my disposition is usually happy and silly – but every once in a while there’s a sort of dark place that just sort of creeps up on you out of nowhere. Kinda like when you’re walking down the street on a bright sunny day and suddenly the sky is filled with dark and brooding thunderclouds. When those clouds come rolling in, stories are my escape.


I like happy stories. It sounds overly simple, but that really sums it up. Happy endings are definitely one of my things. If you believe there’s going to be a happy ending, then all the struggle and conflict in the middle is totally worth it. Stories remind us that we’re not alone. Somewhere, out there, there are other people experiencing things too.


The ability to tell your stories, and tell them in an authentic and genuine way is such a powerful tool. No one knows your story as well as you — so you should take care to tell it the best way you can.


There is authority in being the storyteller. For this reason, storytelling can become incredibly overwhelming. To really put yourself in a moment of time, to decide whose story gets to be told and how – there is a real power in that.

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Think about your most important stories, and the time and care (and procrastination) that goes into documenting those stories. I know I’ve been putting off a couple scrapbooks (LA from January to name one) because I want to get them JUST RIGHT. I’m scared of the power. I’m scared that I’m going to screw up the story and its going to suck and I’m going to have messed it up forever. Maybe that’s a little much, but like I said in Lesson Four — you can’t just find your voice by opening a magic door. It’s a process and there are going to be ups and downs, just like anything else.


To add one final thought about our workshop so far, I’ll use a favorite quote, “The personal is political”. Not in the right/left partisan politics way, but political as in power. There is power in the way you think, the way you feel and the way you act. There is power in telling your story.


How you see yourself has meaning and consequence. What words do you use to describe yourself? Are you defined on your own, or by your relationship to other people? Are you satisfied? What do you really care about? What makes you happy?


What I want most from this class is to continue this conversation. In our facebook group, in whatever form your storytelling takes, and all over the internet.  But even more importantly, I hope you are taking the things you are crafting and learning into other parts of your life. If you’d like to read more of my personal thoughts on storytelling, subscribe to posts through your favorite blog reader (I’m a big fan of this Bloglovin’ art).


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I understand that the workshop lessons may feel somewhat intimidating at times. They were designed to be a little bit difficult and push you outside of your comfort zone (as if the summer wasn’t already sweltering enough). And if you are ever having any issues with the class material, please send me a message or an email.  I really love interacting with people directly, and I’d love to talk and learn from you.

But I’d also like to stress how many different ways there are to process and use the workshop. Here is a project I did for Lesson Three: What Are Your Goals. My Goal: To make time to just sit and create. Armed with a new set of watercolors from a Studio Calico kit, and a stamped sheet of cardstock, I resolved to do just that.




I sat and watched some ridiculous television and created something borne out of what we have been thinking and talking about all week. I made something that came from inside. It was what I was feeling. It was my right now. And it might not look like a story. But if you asked me about what it meant, I could probably go on about it forever.


So go forth and create.  Make mistakes.  Make something that makes you feel happy.  But, most importantly, just make.


I’d also like to highlight a few projects from the community that really spoke to me. I wouldn’t have found these and the stories that go along with them if they weren’t linked on the Find Your Voice blog, so thanks for putting yourself out there!
Make sure to visit the blog link-up pages!  Share your own stories and read and comment on others.  Connect with someone.  The number one tip from this lesson was read more, so this a great opportunity to do that and draw inspiration from the truly amazing community that is sharing the Find Your Voice experience with you.

And now a present from me to you!

I love this project so much, that I’d like to share a little part of it with all of you. As a gift for playing along with the Find Your Voice workshop, I’m going to be sending out Storyteller Find Your Voice Flair and a Currently Journaling Card: Slate Edition (designed exclusively for Find Your Voice) in your hands and on your computer (printable .pdf download included).

This will be sent anywhere in the US for no charge. It will also be placed in any order, with a personalized thank you note from me.

International Peeps – We love you too!  This will ship free with ANY purchase of a physical product or for $4 on its own.


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