30 Days of Lists: September 2013 Edition

30 Days of Lists is one of my favorite challenges on the internet (maybe even in the world). Twice a year, the 30 Days of Lists ladies (Amy & Kam) come up with a 30 great lists and challenge you to write just a little bit every day for a month. If you’re new to 30 Days of Lists, you can read more about the challenge in some of my previous posts, or by checking out 30DaysofLists.com
rukristin 30 Days of Lists September 2013

Reasons I Love 30 Days of Lists:

    1. It’s easy. One list a day for 30 days. 
    2. It’s fun. There’s no wrong way to do it.
    3. The community. I’ve met some amazing women (and now great friends) through this challenge.
    4. It’s logical. Listing is one of my favorite ways to get information down on paper.
    5. It fuels my creative bones. I can write my lists any way I’d like, whatever time I want, anywhere I want to.
    6. It’s artsy. I can use whatever supplies I want. I can go super detailed, or keep it to just a pen and paper.
    7. This is my story. It captures a month of my life in lists. I love watching my listing evolves each round.
    8. It’s whatever I want it to be. However demanding, however hard, however fun. It’s whatever I make it.


My Listing Supplies:

rukristin-30-days-of-lists (1 of 9)

This season of #30Lists I’ll be using a handcrafted ring-bound album that I designed specifically for this round of 30 Days of Lists. The album measures 3×4 and has thirty pages and a front cover. I designed two separate versions of this album: The white album has numeral pages (#1, #2, #3, etc) and the black album has the numbers written out in word form. Both of these albums will also be available in digital form.

rukristin-30-days-of-lists (4 of 9) rukristin-30-days-of-lists (8 of 9)

I’ll be using a combination of both designs throughout the month. I’m thinking that I also might be able to coerce Jeffrey into playing along with me and between the two of us, we’ll use up both albums.


How I’ll be listing: 

    • Each day I’ll be sharing a photo of my list on instagram, twitter, and facebook
    • Each week I’ll be posting a round-up of my lists here on the blog.
    • Throughout the month I’ll be sharing my favorite listing tips, tricks, and techniques.
    • I’ll also be browsing all the social networks for other cool lists to share with you!
    • I’ll be using the hashtag #30Lists to tag all my lists, photos, and blog posts and I encourage you to do the same!


I really hope you’ll consider joining us for this round of 30 Days of Lists! It’s a great way to start writing a little bit every day, and a really unique way to tell your story. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for new lists, new friends, and new possibilities!


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