K and B Go to Maine Mini-Album

On The Road in Travel Mini-Album




In early August I drove up to Boston to pick Becky up and we had a ladies weekend in Portland, Maine. I took this book and a couple of supplies along with me and got about 80% of this book done while we were away.

Date Made:

August 2013


Basic Grey Capture spiral album

Number of Pages:

Less than what came in the book, I ripped some out, and added some tags here and there. There are a few little flaps that I’m not sure really count as full pages, so I don’t really think there’s a firm number of pages, but its around 30.

Notable Parts:

  • Instax pictures — I love my instax camera. Sometimes it takes terrible photos, but I’m okay with that. It’s always a talking point too. Any time I take it out and snap a picture, people are always very excited to learn more about it. On this trip, one of my instax film canisters cracked, so half my pictures were broken and weird — but I put them in the book anyway. It was all part of the experience.
  • Memorabilia — I added some receipts, brochures, and business cards to the pockets and pages of the album as well as our hotel room key from our night in Boston. It’s a great way to contain all the fun paper I brought back from the trip.
  • I picked up one of those ‘city maps’ that show all the highlights of the town, but it was a little too bulky to add to any of the pages. Instead, I used a binder clip to clip the map to the back cover of the album. This way it’s still part of the album without getting in the way.

Materials Used:

Basic Grey Capture album, Studio Calico PL kit (August 2013), and some random stuff that I packed with me

Scroll down for the entire album.

rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-2 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-3 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-4 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-5 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-6 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-7 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-8 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-9 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-10 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-11 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-12 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-13 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-14 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-15 rukristin_kandbdomaine_minialbum-16


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