Holiday Extravaganza: Christmas Door Wreath

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Jo Sowerby joins us again to share another great DIY.

Photo One


  • 1 wreath (I used a heart-shaped wicker wreath but you could use any style you wished)
  • I can of gold metallic spray paint. I used Plastikote gold metallic spray on the advice of my hardware shop (ensure it is the correct paint for the materials you will be using)
  • 1 ½ inch gold and red ribbon for hanging.
  • A variety of ribbons in shades chosen for your Xmas colour scheme in a variety of widths, I used ¼ – 1 inch widths of ribbon.
  • Gold bells (or whichever shade you wish I didn’t use mine in the end).
  • Cinnamon sticks.


Photo Two


Take your Xmas wreath and ensure it is clean and dry ready for painting. The photo above is the original wreath I bought in my supermarket for £2.50 on sale.
I chose a red and gold theme for my wreath to fit my other Christmas ornaments and bought the ribbon and spray paint in those shades. I bought a variety of widths of ribbon in my local fabric shop.
I only sprayed my small heart as it was blue and did not fit my colour scheme. It only took 2 coats of paint to get the effect I wanted and I have lots of paint for another project. You could spray both the wreaths if you wished. I just wanted to retain a rustic theme as I live in the English countryside.
Collect your cinnamon sticks together along with some thin coloured ribbon. I tied my cinnamon sticks together in threes. You could make larger grouping adding in dried or artificial holly berries, leaves, flowers and dried fruits such as oranges/lemons. I tied my cinnamon sticks with a red gingham ribbon with a bow.

Photo Three


My wreath had a metal hanger on the top so I used this tie my ribbon onto to enable me to hang my wreath on my door.


Photo Four



I used the wider red and gold ribbons to make the hanger and a large bow decoration. If you wish add an alternatively coloured ribbon into a large bow at the front of the wreath. I chose red and gold ribbons for this.
Cut your ribbon into pieces, I initially cut lengths of 14 inches (approximately 35 cms) but these were too long for the smaller parts of the wreath. I then began at the base and sides of your wreath to tie the ribbon pieces onto the wreath tying with a knot and leaving 2 inches of ribbon spare so that they can be cut to length to create a uniform design.
Add different ribbons to completely fill the spaces around the whole wreath.


Photo 5



Completely fill the space with your ribbon strips, either until you run out or until you are happy with the overall design you have achieved.


Once I had added all my ribbon pieces my wreath looked like this:

Photo 6

For the smaller heart I sprayed it in gold and left to dry following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once dry, I wrapped a thin gingham ribbon around the heart in an asymmetrical design. I secured the ribbon using a hot glue gun. Then tied the small heart onto the wreath using the same gingham ribbon.

Photo 7

Add your cinnamon stick embellishments or alternative groupings to the more sparsely covered sections of your wreath. For mine I added groupings to the sides of the larger wreath.

photo 8

And even though I say so myself, it looks rather lovely handing on the door. I can’t wait to hang in up in December.


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