Holiday Extravaganza: DIY Beeswax Ornaments & Giveaway

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DIY Beeswax Ornaments + Giveaway

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I’ve had a long time love affair with candles. Specifically beeswax candles. You just can’t find a cleaner, more natural and healthier way to freshen your home. The nature of our business means we make and burn a lot of candles. And I mean a lot. So I’m always trying to find new things to do with the leftovers.

Today I want to share with you a fun ornament project that you can do with any leftover candles you may have around the house. You can also use store-bought wax that you can find at Michael’s or any other craft type store that sells candle supplies. Most all of them have beeswax available to purchase.


  • Double broiler
  • Digital thermometer
  • Purchased candle wax or old candles (amount depends on how many ornaments)
  • Cookie sheet with sides or a glass dish
  • Cookie cutters (metal ones are best as some plastic ones are kind of tapered inside)
  • Straw
  • Ribbon

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament2_zpscb6e5255.jpg

1. Place purchased wax or old candle(s) into double broiler.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament3_zps5bb3e1f5.jpg

2. Melt wax over medium-low heat. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wax.

Temperature should not get above 180 (discoloration or even fire could occur if the wax gets too hot). If you are using an old candle, once melted you can use a fork to remove the old wick. Should you have a bunch of goop in the wax you can strain through a paint strainer if needed.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament4_zpsb9f5c99f.jpg

3. Pour a medium-thin layer of wax into the pan. I used a small 7x9ish pan as I was only using one candle. You want to easily be able to cut through the wax so about a ¼” is good guide.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament5_zpsb2519bc8.jpg

4. Let wax sit for about 5 minutes. It needs to still be soft but not too soft. If the wax feels like butter to the touch, it’s a little too soft. When it’s slightly pulling away from the edges, it’s usually just right.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament6_zps17b3e563.jpg

5. Place your cookie cutter on top of the wax and press down evenly until it goes all the way through. Repeat for as many ornaments that you want. The wax might pull up a bit when removing the cookie cutter and that’s ok.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament7_zpsd882b741.jpg

6.Using a straw, make a hole in each ornament. Push and gently twist the straw to help cut the hole and pull out the center. I would remove the wax from the straw after each hole. This hole will be for the ribbon later.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament8_zps96f664bb.jpg

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament9_zps707050ab.jpg

7. You can go ahead and remove the excess wax from the sheet as it’s easier while it’s still warm. Just take a fork or spatula and pull up on a corner and it should pull right up.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament10_zpsb1346743.jpg

8. Let sit 10-20 minutes until the wax hardens. Use a spatula to gently lift and twist up a corner of the ornament. Ornaments should come off easy after that. Use your fingers to dust off any wax that pulled up on the sides of the ornaments.

 photo  onceuponahive-ornament1_zps3c679f8f.jpg

9. Tie ribbons and hang!

You now have beautiful honey aroma decorations for your tree.

 photo onceuponahive- adv_zpsf825bfb0.jpg

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  • Fantastic ornament idea! I don’t think of myself as crafty outside of the scrapbook realm so when I see something that makes me think, “Oh, I can totally do that!” it gets me excited!! My favorite letter is M because my daughter’s name begins with an M and my maiden name started with an M.

  • Love that!! What a cute idea, and totally yummy smelling!!

  • My favorite letter is J because that’s what my name and my Moms names start with! Cute ornaments and candles.

  • elizabethrosemond

    AWESOME! My oldest used to make stuff with beeswax when she was in preschool. They were some of my very favorites! My favorite letter = R for our family’s last name :)

  • B for my husband and son

  • My favorite letter… is an L, because when I learned to write, I just loved to write this letter. And it happens to be the Initial of my second name, as well :)

  • D for my first name :)

  • Marco Santini

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