Holiday Extravaganza: DIY Origami Ornaments

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This guest post from Origami Girl is appropriately themed :)

When I was a child my family lived in Japan and I fell in love with origami.  I had loads of diagrams and a couple of books – slight technical hitch was that they were in Japanese and I didn’t learn how to read it!  So I learnt it from the pictures and a bit of guesswork and a bit of instinct.  I loved it but I stopped when we moved back to the UK and I don’t know why I stopped doing it for such a long time.  It was 25 years until I started folding again.  I guess life gets in the way until you get to a point where the stars align and you re-find something you love.  I am now Origami Girl and have a full on addiction to paper, which is great as I fold tons of it!

The reason I shared that with you is that last year my mother hosted Christmas for the family and she had a big tree.  It was covered in the most beautiful origami decorations and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was!  I asked her where she got them from and she looked at me in surprise.  She normally has a small table top tree and every year one of her friends in Japan sends her an origami decoration she has made for her and she puts the current one on the small tree.  I just hadn’t noticed!  It took the full amazing effect of the origami covered tree for me to finally notice.  It’s what I mean about the stars aligning and showing me what I was missing!  I wish I had a picture to share with you but I didn’t take one!
Origami is now my new business and I love my work!  I’ve been running little workshops with some pre-school kids and we’ve been making these Santa tree decorations.  Cute aren’t they!   Really easy too – I’ll add the folding diagram at the end and there is also a great video to watch!  I just love the idea that they are making something that can be part of a Christmas tradition – a lovely little decoration brought out every year to trim the tree!
Minolta DSC
There are so many Christmas crafts to make.  Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, which is great in this economic environment!  I also think it’s great that there is such a movement these days to re-use and up-cycle stuff too.  I think using magazine pages for paper crafts is really effective.  It’s mainly good quality folding paper and very colourful!
This decoration is made from paper bags that I’ve been collecting from shopping trips!
2013-06-29 12.09.55
Here are a couple more ideas for easy Christmas origami models that you can make as a family. Clicking on each picture will take you to a tutorial for that project.
Origami Christmas  Tree-1
Christmas Wreath-0011
Here is the diagram for Santa. If you right-click and save to your computer you can print it out!
santa diagram
Have fun crafting your Christmas this year.



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