Holiday Extravaganza: Mass Produced Holiday Cards

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Hello everyone! My name is Michelle Yuen and I’m so excited to be here today at rukristin’s Holiday Extravaganza!!!

With the holidays creeping up on us, I’m sure many of you are thinking of all the decorations to put up and presents to buy and cards to make. I can’t even count the number of times I set out to have all my Christmas cards made in time and somehow Christmas comes, and it hasn’t happened! Well not this year!!!

I have an awesome step-by-step tutorial to share with you for a holiday card that you can easily mass produce!

Here’s the card I’ll be making…a hundred of them!!

So the first, very important tip when mass producing one design, even if it’s not the one I’ll be showing you: work in an assembly line!!

Of course, you should have a general design in mind, and should probably make a prototype to make sure you like it before getting started on the steps for a hundred cards. However, if you’re all decided on what you want to do, or perhaps you’d just like to follow along with my card, doing things in assembly line style will make your life SO much easier.

As a bonus, since you’re doing the same thing over and over, you can pop in your favorite TV show or movie and watch that in the background while working on this!

I started with the wintery background of my card. The idea for this came while I was using my gelatos on a recent project. You can also use watercolors, pastels, or anything else that allows you to blend different shades really easily.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. I took some sheets of white cardstock and cut them into 4” strips. These will later be cut into 4 pieces.
  2. Going along the long edge, I swiped my different shades of gelatos across, making sure to overlap where the colors met so it would blend easier.
  3. After doing this dry step on every sheet, I went ahead and rubbed a damp paper towel over each sheet, going from light to dark. I did this instead of using a wet brush so that the paper wouldn’t warp too much. Be sure to change the paper towel often so the darker colors don’t contaminate the lighter ones. This can also get kind of messy, so you might want to cover your work surface with some scrap paper.
  4. When the strips are dry, cut them into four equal pieces so that they are just big enough for the background of the window.



If you’re buying a color medium especially for this project, I would recommend the gelatos because they’re fun and easy to use, but especially
because they go a LONG way. After using them for all these backgrounds (in addition to past projects), it looked like I had barely used any!!


I’ll be using my Silhouette Cameo for the other elements of my card. I’ve designed all the different cut elements for it, and you can download the SVG file



Here are the steps I followed:

  1. First, I worked on the sentiment. I chose a stamp with a simple holiday greeting; you can use whatever stamp you have on hand! Mine measures approximately 0.75”x3” and I designed a simple banner cut file to fit this; you can resize it however you need.
  2. After I cut these out, I stamped my sentiment onto all of them, and inked the edges (the last step is optional but helps the sentiment stand out more on the card).
  3. The next step was cutting out all the trees. Your die cutting machine will do most of the work for you, but it still might take a bit of patience to wait for all those trees to cut. I made the most of this time and worked on another part of the card as I waited – sticking foam squares on the back of my sentiment banners!
  4. When all the trees are cut, you can go a step further if you want and ink the edges of these trees. I’ll admit, this can seem like a lot of work for just a small effect, so it is definitely optional; I was just feeling particularly detail-oriented that day. ;)



Things are coming along great so far! Next we’ll work on the window section of the card.


Here are the steps I followed:

  1. There are two parts to this – the top, white cardstock layer, and a second smaller window that accentuates the first window. The second layer is optional, but I think it adds definition and more interest to the card.
  2. I took a bunch of black and white patterned papers from my stash for the second layer window – they’re not all the same, since I don’t usually have 10 sheets of one design, but this means that you’ll end up with cards that are slightly different and more unique!!


Now that all the main elements of the card are finished, all that’s left to do is assemble everything!

Go ahead and turn on a movie, and I promise this will be SO fast and easy!! I used either liquid glue or tape runner for the majority of the card, but I also popped the sentiment up on foam dots. Repeat that a hundred times…. And the cards are DONE!

Are you up to the challenge to mass produce some holiday cards?? I’m sure all your friends and family members would love to get a beautiful, handmade card from you. You don’t have to make a hundred like I did, but I’m sure you’re in need of a bunch to give away!

Be sure to share if you choose to recreate these cards, or if you have a design of your own that you think would work well instead!

Michelle Yuen is a 20 year old university student studying graphic design and marketing in Boston, MA. When she’s not working or doing homework, you can find her going on food and photography adventures, trying new recipes in the kitchen, hanging out with friends, and then scrapbooking all of those wonderful memories! You can find her on her blog here and follow her food and papercrafting adventures on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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