Holiday Extravaganza: Vintage Paper Mini-Album

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wrapping paper book

Hello, there! I’m Trina from Feed the Birdies and I collect and sell vintage paper in my shop, Nest 924. I’m so excited to be a part of Kristin’s Holiday Extravaganza!

One of the most common finds at an estate or yard sale is wrapping paper…and there is usually more than enough to go around…so much that the sellers use it to wrap breakables and offer a whimsical variety of shopping bags at checkout. But, when I come across a package of wrapping from the mid-century with a Five and Dime price tag on it, my eyes light up and I dance all the way to the cashier.

I found these pretty wrappings about a year ago and I’ve had a hard time using it to wrap or cut it up because I don’t want to run out of it! But, if I don’t use it, it sits in a box until I stop and stare at it again, so, I’ve learned that it’s OK to cut it up and to make things with it.


Here is a simple little holiday recipe book project you can complete with any of your favorite wrapping (You know, Target is notorious for coming out with cute wrappings that none of us can resist!), but if you have some tried and true family favorites, it might be more fun to use vintage wrappings or some that you have saved over the years. This will make a neat little present for your friends, the cooks in your family, or to share at a potluck at work!


Supplies Needed

  • a vintage or new Christmas card with a favorite image
  • sheets of your wrapping of choice cut to fit your folded card
  • a hole punch (I use the Crop-A-Dile) or paper punch
  • baker’s twine, embroidery floss,  or pretty satin ribbon
  • pen
  • any other embellishments you might want to use (I’m using playing cards, postage stamps, and a few other pieces
    from my Christmas Paper Packs in my shop!)



    1. Masure your Christmas card folded.
    2. Cut your wrapping paper about ¼ inch less than the size of your card’s length and width.
    3. Layer your pieces of wrapping between your card pieces and line them up the way you want them to look. (Sometimes
      I want a neat, clean edge and sometimes I prefer it to look like a mixed media journal.)
    4. Punch two to four holes if you will tie with ribbon (I used 1/8 inch satin ribbon) or punch with a paper punch
      if you plan to use embroidery floss or baker’s twine to stitch or bind the book.



…and then embellish.


Write your recipes in the book and use embellishments and labels as you wish. Remember, your handwriting might not be perfect to you, but it’s the most important thing to someone else! I have a box of my great-grandmother’s recipes that she had written, and I wouldn’t trade having that little piece of her for anything. Here’s a peek at this recipe in her writing.


Gooseberry cobbler

    And in mine:



A little vintage tip:  use pencil.
I like to write with the big fat elementary pencils like these. Almost every vintage card I have ever collected has been signed in pencil. Isn’t that neat? It’s very soft and pretty, too.

Make a few more to share with those you love! I also decided to add an extra page in between each tabbed page.  Did you notice the tabs are made of vintage postage stamps?  Here are some other pages.



It might be fun to try a shaped card to make these too…I have a few Snoopy Christmas cards that I would like to use from the 80s. What do you have in your stash? If you are looking for some vintage paper and more ideas to use, I’d love to have you visit my blog and shop. Share what you make and your recipes too…I would love to see!

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