Around Here: 01.12.14

What’s going on around here this week:








Right now I’m sitting on the bed of our hotel room in Anaheim, CA for the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show (CHA). Getting here was a super fun adventure. I flew out of Newark (with a couple of scary layovers in Chicago and Denver) and into Salt Lake City where I met up with the amazing Doe from Freckled Fawn. After spending the night at her house in Utah, we (Doe, her sister, and I) packed up the truck with all the stuff for the booth and drove the 10 hours to Anaheim.

We set up the booth on Friday, the show opened yesterday and I’ll be here in Anaheim for the rest of the show.  It’s super exciting meeting old friends, making new ones, and figuring out some awesome stuff for this business this year. I’m working on putting together a couple of class kits, as well as getting some new product for the shop. If there’s anything that catches your eye — let me know and I’ll go check it out and see if it’s a good fit for the store.

Jeff is flying out here on Tuesday and we’ll spend a few days in LA before heading up the coast and making our way for a long weekend in San Francisco. I am so excited!


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