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currently list rukristin


currently list rukristin

Take five minutes to tell your ‘right-now’ story.

What are you currently reading, watching, and loving? Write it down!


The Story:

In late 2012, I was playing around with the idea of a weekly journaling introspective.  I wanted it to be simple and easy to complete.

The approach I went with was to create a journaling challenge that used the same seven prompts each week. To make it even easier, I created a simple journaling card with the prompts already listed. Each week I grab a card and spend just a few minutes filling it out.

Over the past year, the #CurrentlyList community has exploded on instagram and there’s a new facebook group for 2014.

How to Get Started:


This Month’s Featured Card:

January 2014: Rocket Grey


This month’s Featured Card is available for purchase in both Physical and Digital form.


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