Lovin’ This | 01.17.14

I am in love with the internet. I think it’s really just the best thing in the world and I’d like to share my favorite parts with you. Each Monday, look for fun stories, great blog posts, informative articles or just something silly that really caught my eye over the past week. I like to think of Lovin’ This as a tiny view to the internet through my own personal lens. 

This week I haven’t been on the internet as much as usual — I’m having some withdrawals. So my lovin’ this list is a little bit sparse this week. That being said, if you have seen anything cool on the internet this week — please let me know, I feel like I missed everything. I barely know what happened in the world this week, but totally worth the trade off for the amazing experiences I’ve had while out in California.

Lovin’ This


I (usually) share lots more internet throughout the week, mostly on twitter, where I let my freak flag fly just a little bit higher.

See something that deserves to be in next week’s Lovin’ This post? send an email to lovinthis@rukristin.com.

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What are you lovin’ this week?

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