8 More Reasons to List this March


30 Days of Lists is back this March. Registration is now open for my favorite online event — a semi-annual listing challenge, brought to you by Amy of Lemon and Raspberry and Kam of Campfire Chic.

8 More Reasons to List Journal

I’ve been playing along with 30 Days of Lists for several years now. I’ve been fortunate enough to become an Ambassador to this great challenge. I get such pleasure in bringing new people into the #30Lists fold. Our community is kind, supportive, and inspiring.


Starting March 1st — each day, for 30 days, a new list topic will be posted and listers from around the world will be journaling their lists. Join me and hundreds of other listers on this month-long, five-minutes a day challenge.  Last August I wrote a list of ten reasons I love 30 Days of Lists. Here are eight more reasons why I think signing up for 30 Days of Lists is a rockin’ idea.

8 More Reasons to List

  1. You are the decider. You can make this challenge whatever you want it to be. Do you want to spend an hour each night de-stressing by adding mounds of creativity to the mix? Maybe you want to write your lists on post-it notes? Do you only want to list on the weekends? You are free to decide.
  2. It’s totally mobile. You can complete the entire challenge totally on your phone. Write your lists in the notes app, use the A Beautiful Mess app for creative journaling options, text message your lists to a friend, post your lists on tumblr. The mobile-only options are endless.
  3. Master your handwriting. Use this as a way to practice your handwriting. Work on your penmanship. Try out different styles, papers, pens, see what works best for you.
  4. A reason to get out the fancy pens. What better reason to get out the good pens than a listing challenge? Make this project both fun to do and something to be proud of. 
  5. Find other quirky people. When you’re sharing your lists with a community of awesome people, you are bound to find someone else that has the same crazy loves (or pet peeves) that you do. I think it’s especially true in the facebook and instagram communities — I’ve met so many super cool people just by searching the #30Lists hashtag and commenting on their photos.
  6. Learn new ways to document. Everyone has their own take on this project. Flipping through the photos in the community is one of the best ways to find new inspiration. There are hundreds of different ways to take on this challenge, and the #30 lists community is always coming up with new ideas.
  7. It’s a perfect addition to whatever you’re working on right now.  The challenge fits in perfectly with Project Life, One Little Word, art journaling, filofax, blogging, or whatever you are up to at the moment.
  8. Support good people. Amy and Kam are two of the coolest, smartest, most hard-working people I know, I really like supporting those kinds of people, and I hope you do too.




As an ambassador for 30 Days of Lists, I receive a small commission for registration sold through my links. This blog is partially supported through affiliate sales. Every product/service that I recommend comes straight from my head and my heart. To learn more about my thoughts on ethical affiliate selling click here.