5 Ways to be a Better Stamper

5 ways to be a better stamper

Five ways to be a better stamper by rukristin


Want to be a better stamper? Follow these 5 tips.

  1. Practice — practice makes perfect, or at least better. Each stamp is unique, and you’ll get a better feel for your stamps the more you use them.
  2. Try out different inks — different types of inks do different things. See my stamping 101 post for more info on the different types of inks that are available.
  3. Try different papers — various papers will take the different types of ink with different results. Try out textured cardstock, smooth cardstock, photographs, etc.
  4. Try different stances — sitting, standing, hunched over, etc. Make yourself comfortable.
  5. Embrace imperfection — stamping is done by humans. Humans make mistakes. Therefore stamping will be imperfect and have mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are awesome.

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