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Take five minutes to tell your ‘right-now’ story.

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The Story:

In late 2012, I was playing around with the idea of a weekly journaling introspective that was super easy to complete. I created a simple journaling card with the prompts already listed. Each week I grab a card and spend just a few minutes filling it out.

Over the past year, the #CurrentlyList community has exploded on instagram and in our brand new facebook group. Today I am excited to have Elizabeth from handmade:modern here to share her Currently List!

Community Member: Elizabeth

Currently List

I’ve been scrapbooker for a long time; at least 20 years. I started off with full 12×12 product-heavy layouts. My albums were huge and full of pretty stuff, but they lacked storytelling.

Over the past few years, I’ve been using Project Life (tweaked to fit my routine/lifestyle) to make sure I’m capturing the here-and-now of it all. The truth? Sometimes I get behind; big time. During those times, I love that the Currently List Challenge keeps me honest.

Every week, I grab a currently card (I typically print a sheet at a time) and jot down my “right-now” details. I have a note on my calendar every week, so I don’t forget. I try to use the featured card at least once each month (to give my Project Life spreads some variety), but I’ve used Rocket Gray the most (gray is the new black!).

The Currently List Challenge has forced me to stay involved in my own storytelling.

My kids will be able to look at our family albums and be reminded that I, too, had good days, bad days and interests of my own.

This past week, my kids and I spent a few days at a nearby lake while my husband was on a business trip. Mid-week, I filled out my card and snapped a quick pic with my phone (I also included this cute and appropriate rubber banner)!

elizabeth currently guest post

Elizabeth is a maker and blogger based just outside of Seattle. She’s an avid keeper of memories and loves using Project Life and minibooks to document her not-so-mundane life with her husband and offspring (ranging in ages from 20 to 3). You can catch up with her on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.


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April 2014: Spartan Green


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