5 Ways to Improve your Blog Writing Immediately

Write like an adult.

Blogging is writing. Unless you are one of those uber-talented individuals that can tell a story entirely through photographs, you are going to have to write words to be an effective blogger. No matter what your blogging niche is, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to write like an adult.

Here are five ways to improve the writing in your blog posts immediately.

1. Use a new paragraph as often as possible. People skim blog posts — so encourage close reading with line breaks, new paragraphs, bullet points and the bolding of text.

2. Less is more. Wordy blog posts can be hard to follow. Your goal should be to get your point across to your reader in as few words as possible. This does NOT mean you should leave out important details to cut your word count. It DOES mean that you should cut out words that don’t add anything to the meaning of your sentences.

3. Left justify your text. If you are blogging in English, your text should be left justified. It is infinitely more difficult to read text that is center justified. While reading your eye is trained to go back to the left side of the page and look at the next line — when that line starts somewhere in the middle of the page each time, you read slower and with less comprehension. If you want your readers to read your text, make sure it is left justified.

4. Edit and revise your text. read your text out loud. Does it make sense? Does it have spelling or grammatical errors? If you want other people to take the time to read what you are writing, you better have taken the time to read it yourself.

5. Go back and edit some of your older blog posts. See where you are making the most mistakes and make a concerted effort to work on those areas when writing future blog posts.

What do you do to improve your blog writing?