Get off the internet

get off the internet

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I really hate rants online, or just rants in general. So I’m not a huge fan of having to write this but, I am getting tired of hearing, “hey all you people on the internet — get off the internet and do things in real life.”

I just want to be like — check your assumptions, because you’re acting a fool and having to listen to repeated microagressions make me angry.

First, I take issue with lumping all people “on the internet” as a homogeneous group — you’ve pretty much lost me at that point. I’m not sure you could ever find a more diverse group of people than “people on the internet”. If you’re going to snark — at least narrow down your target a bit.

Second, “people on the internet” spend a lot of time outside, and with their friends, and doing all sorts of things besides “being on the internet” and to assume otherwise is so brazenly ignorant. All of the interesting people on the internet are interesting because they have lives and hobbies that make them interesting.

Third, maybe it hits a little too close to home, maybe you’re the one feeling a little guilty for not spending time with friends or not going to do those other things, because you were “on the internet”. Deal with it. Don’t project. We don’t need your drama.

Finally — just stop judging other people. It’s not nice, and no one wants your unsolicited advice. Just stop — that’s it.

Internet Friends Unite.

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