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The Story:

In late 2012, I was playing around with the idea of a weekly journaling introspective that was super easy to complete. I created a simple journaling card with the prompts already listed. Each week I grab a card and spend just a few minutes filling it out.

Over the past year, the #CurrentlyList community has exploded on instagram and in our brand new facebook group. Today I am excited to have Nicole Reid AKA GothamGal here to share her Currently List!


Community Member: Nicole Reid

My first currently card was completed in January of 2013; Since then, I’ve been adding these cards faithfully to my project life albums (usually on Fridays) and on my social media. I love posting cards via Instagram (and on the Currently Facebook group when I have the chance)–it’s a super fun way to share what I’m doing with people, and with the #currentlylist hashtag, I can see what other people are doing, and get ideas about what to do next time with mine–as well as scour for music and book recommendations from a group of like minded people with all sorts of interests–it’s really a community builder. I am working on a few projects right now to extend currently cards in my memory-keeping.

My heart wants to say the Pantone color of the year card is my favorite (it was a newsletter exclusive), but I really dig the original card as well. I like the idea of adding washi tape or stamping to it to make it really stand out. And, while I adore pulling out all my purple pens, I like the way 0.7 size gel pens write–I’m writing with a Zebra Sarasa pen lately. It’s purple, and I really love it. I thought the Dandelion card (this month’s Exclusive Card) was the perfect way to contrast the purple pen.

Some weeks I feel like I’m pretty boring–maybe I’m still reading the same book or watching the same series. Other weeks I feel like I’m doing too many things and could probably fill 2-3 cards a week–both of these thoughts are perfectly okay. Sometimes I don’t share on social media because they’re just for ‘me’ that week, and that is okay, too. I love that I am able to document my life–when I look back at some of the cards, I am transported to the very moment I filled out the card–that’s the magic of memory keeping/journaling and I love that I am committed to this project.

You may not know this, but when I was a child I was hospitalized due to a severe concussion. It is only recently that I’ve learned just how serious it was–and when the realization sunk in of how serious it was, I realized that getting my memories, thoughts and impressions down, via blogging or memory keeping or journaling was more important to me than it has ever been. Currently allows me to keep bits of my life in a small format–and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.

I love my currently list card for today–as we celebrate 6 months of marriage (our ‘Half-iversary’).




Best known as GothamGal (due to her love of the heroes and heroines of Gotham City), Nicole is a 30-something aspiring writer who spends her days in front of her computer screen, solving problems and gathering information. Nights are spent equally solving crimes against journaling and memory-keeping, with a healthy dose of reading and streaming episodes of Murder, She Wrote. Nicole lives with her husband and two cats in Southern California, and hopes to someday find a blue Tardis in the form of a DeLorean and travel time and space for a few months (which would only seem like a few minutes to the rest of the world). She blogs at about her various habits and can be found on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter under @GothamGal.



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May 2014: Dandelion



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