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The Story:

In late 2012, I was playing around with the idea of a weekly journaling introspective that was super easy to complete. I created a simple journaling card with the prompts already listed. Each week I grab a card and spend just a few minutes filling it out.

Over the past year, the #CurrentlyList community has exploded on instagram and in our brand new facebook group. Today I am excited to have Whitney here to share her Currently List!

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Currently Guest Poster: Whitney 

About ten years ago, I made a one-page questionnaire patterned after one I saw in a magazine ad. For a few years, I would fill it out every month on the first. I love being able to look back at the things I was thinking during that time, and it was a minimal effort for my busy (or at least, what I thought was busy) college self to keep a record of my life.

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Fast forward to now, and I have two crazy, crazy, bless-their-hearts-they’re-strong-willed kids. I hardly have time to create let alone document our lives. But the Currently Journaling cards allow me to spend less than five minutes to record our day-to-day. And to make it easier, I just ordered the printed cards so I don’t even have to print them! Instead of doing them on a certain day of the week/month, I keep them on my desk, and whenever we take an instant photo (or on a whim), I fill out a card to accompany it. Sometimes I’ll have a bunch in a row, and sometimes they are spaced out more, but at least it’s happening!

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I sporadically document my life at The Married Folk and on Instagram (@themarriedfolk) which consists of a lot of my family and other things I obsess over and/or experiment with: creating, making, shopping, writing, styling, party planning, eating, over-analyzing, and stuff and stuff and stuff.  



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This Month’s Featured Card:

May/June 2014: Dandelion



This month’s Featured Card is available for purchase in both Physical and Digital form.


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