Around Here: Last Days in NJ

We’ll be on the road to Michigan in less than a week. Our moving boxes are scheduled to arrive on Friday, we’ll fill them up over the weekend, and meet them out there next week.

This is stressful. Everyone has opinions. While I appreciate that everyone (mom) is looking out for my best interest, I’ve got this under control and everyone needs to chill. A relaxed and even-tempered me is the best functioning me and I need to be rolling on all cylinders this week for this to get done the way it should be.

It still all seems very surreal. Moving halfway across the country and starting anew in so many ways. Our five year plan actually worked — how cool is that? That’s what believing in yourself will do — lead you to new and even cooler opportunities than you’ve imagined.

Next week we’ll be living in an incredible home and both J and I will be working on our respective careers and continuing to make each other better people with each passing day.

Here are a few photos from around here:








I’ll be posting about twice a week for the rest of the summer/until I get settled in MI. I’m so excited to get everything set up and get back to creating and writing and chatting with all you wonderful people. Happy July!