Documented: My Summer Bucket List


I’m starting to get very anxious about the move to Michigan. Not really about the moving a thousand miles away from everything and everyone I’ve ever called home part — but the actual packing my shit into boxes in a reasonably organized fashion part.

One of my coping techniques for freaking out is to make a list. So I decided to write out my summer bucket list: what do I want to accomplish this summer? I used the brand new ‘summer lovin’ kit from Olya and Charisse to documenting my list.


Olya (one of my absolute favorite instagrammers) sent me a message last week asking if I’d like to show off a new kit that her and Charisse designed — I love everything these girls create, so I jumped on the opportunity. You can pick up the digital cards at or a physical set at


I added this spread to my ‘for me’ album — an 8×6 album dedicated to documenting whatever I want, whenever I want. Having an album just for my own thoughts and feelings has been incredibly freeing. I don’t have to worry about documenting an entire story, or using specific products, or spelling/grammar/cursing errors. It’s like a scrapbook/art journal hybrid — perfect for when I want to get some feelings out on paper and use pretty paper at the same time.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

How do you plan on documenting your summer fun?