Thursday3 Community Post: Megan

Get in front of the camera.

Thursday3 is a weekly photo challenge.

The rules are simple:

  1. Snap a photo of yourself.
  2. Write down three things about your right now.
  3. Invite a few friends to play along.

My favorite way to play is on Instagram, but if you’re not an instagram person, play along however suits you.

What started as reminder to take more photos of myself has since evolved into an incredible community of women who post selfies and tell our right-now stories.

We are strong and beautiful because of our features, not despite our flaws.





Megan’s thoughts on Thursday 3: Today, instead of reflecting on selfies or sharing my three right-now facts (you can find those on my Instagram today!), I’m going to think back on Thursday 3 as a whole.

Every Thursday* for over half a year, I’ve been taking a selfie, writing three things about my life as it is in the moment, and sharing the experience with friends and community members through tagging them and the hashtag #Thursday3. The challenge has been a wonderful addition to my memory keeping process and my life, so I want to share the top three reasons I love it, in keeping with the #Thursday3 theme:

1. I love having these selfies. I love seeing them collected here together. I think it’s important to get yourself in your memory keeping and I think that selfies can be a powerful confidence and self-esteem builder. However, I’ll admit, I can sometimes feel a little awkward taking selfies.

Unless I have a specific documentation project (like Day in the Life) or I’m at an event, everyday selfies can come with some negative self-talk. (How narcissistic are you? Geez, who cares? Dude, maybe you should wait until you look a little better to take a photo.) Having a REASON to take a selfie and building it into my weekly routine roundhouse kicks that negative noise in the face. (There’s a big difference between narcissism and celebrating and recording life. I care! And hey, so do these awesome ladies. How I look every single freaking moment is just fine, thank you very much.)

Now I have a selfie each week, and I love that this means that I’m sure to be in each of my weekly Project Life spreads. As the primary memory keeper in my household, I can tend to fall in the habit of always being behind the camera instead of being in front of it. #Thursday3 changes that.

Bonus: With the help of a few phone photography tools, taking selfies weekly has helped me to improve my selfie taking skills tenfold.


2. Listing my three things helps me to record what doesn’t get captured by the camera. I take A LOT of photos, but some things just need words. I use #Thursday3 to document what I’ve been thinking about, things I’m working on or who I’m talking to online, and big-picture stuff that really captures what my week has been like.

I love that this helps me to record a part of my story that isn’t covered by the photos I take. I always use my three #Thursday3 things to anchor my journaling when I’m writing in my scrapbook (I’m usually document about a month or so in the past).

3. I love meeting wonderful people and having such a fantastic support system. I love scrolling through the #Thursday3 hashtag on Instagram and seeing women who are holding themselves and each other up. I can’t really accurately describe how much I love the positive force of the community. By positive, I don’t mean that everyone’s sharing is full of sunshine and bunny rabbits–this is about sharing real life, and it’s a great space to be emotional and open about crappy days. I mean way the community interacts with each other. If someone is having a crap day, I see that person met with positive messages of support. What I don’t see is women judging each other. Having that safe space is so important to me.

The community is a great way to find new friends. I love connecting with other women about things we having in common (or things we disagree on even!). I love being able to chat with a diverse group of (mostly) women from all over the world. And I also love being able to put a face to those Instagram handles because it really helps me to tell people apart and build relationships with them.

Overall the photos + the words + the community are so valuable to me and I want to say a big THANK YOU to Kristin for getting this amazing thing started!

*I’ve totally forgotten a few times and posted on Friday. No worries! It’s the documentation and the routine that’s important.


Megan is a crafty nerd who loves documenting life at The Nerd Nest. When she’s not on nerdy adventures with her family, she spends her time filling up Project Life albums, reading big stacks of books, and making stuff. She loves documenting her everyday life on Instagram, creative writing, coffee, sociology, and learning as much as her brain will hold. She believes in the power of stories and wants to inspire you to tell yours!

By taking a single picture & jotting down 3 right-now facts each week, you’ll have over 50+ photos & 150+ about who you are and what your life has been like over the last year. It’s a quick and easy way to add photos to your documenting routine. It’s perfect for any scrapbooking, art journaling, or storytelling you might want to do.


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