Be Brave with Your Selfies

rukristin be brave with your selfies

Take photos of you.

You are beautiful. You are hot. You are chill as all hell.

You are a complex person and a picture can tell a thousand words.

Each week I challenge myself to take at least one photograph of myself — I want to capture my right-now story; whatever is going on in my life right now. I jot down three quick things that describe me and how I’m feeling/what I’m doing. Each weekly picture is a snapshot of who I am at that moment in time. I share these photos each week on Instagram. There is an incredible and uplifting community of people who participate in #Thursday3.

This week I’m sharing a photo that makes me a little bit nervous to post — but fuck it — this is who I am right now. I am beautiful. I am hot. I am a complicated person. And maybe for the first time in my almost twenty-nine years, do I actually believe that. And it comes from a place inside me — not from a place of the male gaze, or the desire to mimic the over objectified ‘female body’ depicted in the media today.


Here’s what I posted on Instagram:

Join me for #Thursday3 my weekly selfie photo challenge — snap a picture, caption it with 3 right-now about you facts, and tag a few friends to play along. Tag me if you play along!

1. Feeling brave today and I think it’s important we talk about boobs more in an everyday context. Let’s reclaim them as our body parts instead of objects to be gazed upon. That being said, I’m all for making my body parts look and feel fabulous for me.

2. This #vssportsbra is unreal. Finding a sports bra that fits has been impossible, but these come in a huge array of sizes. Thanks to Influenster for sending it to me (& the pants too) and thanks Victoria’s Secret for making a kick-ass sports bra in traditionally hard to find sizes.

3. I am really really proud of myself for releasing my new #currentlylist products after months of development. Today is a good day. — please play along everyone. Please tag me. I really want to see everyone’s photo today.

I am a whole person. With big thoughts and big ideas and big emotions. Pictures of myself help me capture the stuff that’s a lot easier to see in a photo than it is to put into words.

I challenge everyone out there to complete my Thursday3 challenge this week. Please tag me, email me, or put a link in the comments here. I want to see your beautiful, hot, complex self and hear about the stories you have to tell.

Find more #Thursday3 photos each week on the @rukristin instagram account.