Don’t be ‘seflie-ish’ — a travel mini with my friends’ contributions

The following is a guest post from Awesome Ladies Creative Team member Jasmina. Today she’s sharing a selfie & friends mini-album using the Basic Grey Second City collection from the shop.

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Hi everyone! This is my very first crafty blog post ever. Gulp. Here goes:

Early last fall, I joined my friends and family in a weekend trip to Chicago. Although we were there for a concert, the most memorable part of that experience is our wandering around Chicago taking selfies (well, these were mostly usies…but that’s a technicality).


My friend Alenka was among the people on this trip. This girl takes the best selfies. The rest of our group was a bit more amateurish in our approach to taking selfies. So, for the entire weekend, Alenka would give us tips, directions, and feedback on our selfies. Needless to say, this meant that we took a whole bunch of selfies: fun selfies, creative selfies, pretty selfies, blurry selfies, and a whole bunch of selfies where we tried to fit in as many of the nine of us as possible. We also took selfies of people taking selfies, to mix things up a bit.



When I thought about putting my photos in a mini-album months later, that’s the part that I remembered — all of the selfie taking. I mean, this was the story of that trip, and I just had to go with it! The problem was that while this was the story of the trip, it wasn’t only my story. I had already asked everyone to share their selfies with me, so this album was becoming a compilation of all of the selfies taken that weekend, not just the photos that I took. In the spirit of that, I really wanted to find a way to also include more than my words in telling the story of the trip.


Since this was a selfie album, it naturally needed a selfie expert. Enter Alenka. I told her about my plans and asked her to write down her selfie tips and steps so that I could incorporate them into the album. This just had to be part of the story included in this mini since it was such a huge part of the story of our weekend.


In my memory keeping, I generally struggle with including stories and journaling. What I loved about this approach is that it told a story implicitly. I didn’t have to explain what happened — I could look at the rules and photos of us wandering around the city, and remember what made that weekend so much fun.



My favorite thing about this album is that it tells a more complete story, beyond just my point of view both in terms of photos and in terms of the words.


The Basic Grey Second City line made the perfect complement to this Chicago-based story. I also cut up some 6×8 pocket pages to house my photos and 3×4 cards, holding them together with a binder ring. I typed out the selfie steps and cut them out, gluing them to journaling tags. I alternated between including tags inside of pockets, or just hanging out on their own.

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Jasmina is a researcher, educator, student and cheese lover living in Ann Arbor, MI. She’s still learning to take decent selfies, which she sometimes posts to her Instagram account: @camojas.